Vintage Halloween Thrift Store Finds!

Hey guys!
Happy Friday the 13th! I know what I'll be watching tonight, horror movies!!!

Speaking of horror movies! Halloween is my favorite holiday and the other day I found some GREAT vintage Halloween decorations at Goodwill! Check em' out!

Ghostie Jack-O- Lantern Candle Holder
  photo JackGhost_zps645bee8a.jpeg
I got this guy because my mom had one around our house when I was growing up and it reminded me of home. I'm pretty sure he's a 70s piece. He's really cool to put in a window or by the fireplace with a tea light or a battery operated "candle." The jack'o'lantern and the ghost's eyes glow!

Skull Candy Pail  
 photo Skullbasket_zpsb1bc5d2b.jpeg
Ok, I don't know if this is vintage, but I thought it would be really cool to keep mail in or something at the front door for Halloween and it was only 49 cents so I really couldn't pass it up!

RIP Ceramic Ghost
 photo SickGhost_zps18e9120f.jpeg
I thought this was freakin' hilarious. I couldn't pass it up.

Flippin' Sweet 40s Jack O Lanterns!!!
 photo Pumpkineyes_zpsd14f855f.jpeg
These are genuine Jack O Lanterns from the 1940s and they're in GREAT condition! One of them even came with the original paper insert for the eyes and mouth!
 photo Pumpkins_zpsc90915f7.jpeg
They're made of paper mache pulp and one of them still has the wire handle attached.  I was so excited when I saw them because ever time I find vintage halloween decorations at antique or vintage stores they're ridiculously prices. These guys sell for up to $800 a piece...I got these for $1.99 each.
 photo Mantle_zps1fcb28bc.jpeg I'm so proud of my thrift store jack o lanters I might even keep them up all year long!

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