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Betties N Brimstone: OOTD
dress - Forever 21+ / sweater - Target / leggings - Torrid / shoes - Sketchers

Here's another in what's going to be a long line of outfit posts, so get ready!  I've accumulated a nice bunch of cute new dresses since the end of last school year, so I'll be featuring them here.  Don't you love the pattern of this dress?  I've been looking for something like this for a long time!  Almost a whole year, in fact... here's proof!

BTW - that post from last year makes me think that now I should find an orange sweater to wear with this dress... hmm...

Betties N Brimstone: OOTD

This dress was under $30 from Forever 21 Plus.  Score!  Now, here's the part you didn't expect: I had to buy it in a size too large (my size was completely sold out!), and I altered it myself to fit!  In fact, I've taught myself to do some minor repairs on a few items lately... sometime soon I'll share all of my secrets with you.

Betties N Brimstone: OOTD

I love the combination of this mustard yellow sweater with the black/white/blue combination on the dress.  Once it gets colder out, it'll look awesome with my actual cat eye glasses, too!  I can't stand wearing my glasses when it's hot out.  The sweat under the nose bridge is too much to bear.  Uncomfortable-city!  I can't wait for actual fall weather when I can pull out my tights and boots and glasses again... ooh and scarves too...

Betties N Brimstone: OOTD

Because of this heat, it's pretty much a cycle of the same leggings (in lieu of tights) and flats.  Get used to it.  It's a uniform, in a sense, because I just have to switch out the color and patterns, but the basic pieces stay the same: leggings, a dress, a sweater or jacket.  Done.

Betties N Brimstone: OOTD

I first showed you this necklace in my jewelry box post, which inspired me to polish up my silver pieces from Todd.  He put them in the tumbler to shine them up - look how awesome this turned out!

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