Vintage Handmade Earrings from Calamity Layne

Betties N Brimstone: Re-vamped Vintage Earrings!

Hey guys!
On my adventures in seeking out vintage awesomeness, I do tend to come across some cool vintage jewelry that is in need of some TLC. In these instances, I will take them apart and make new pieces out of them! I also source some vintage stackable flower beads from Etsy (I love Etsy)!

I made these earrings out of vintage stackable flower beads (50s & 60s), vintage filigree, and vintage charms. Check these out!

War and Peace Earrings 
 photo err4_zps40481622.jpg
Yeah, I call them "War and Peace" earrings because one charm is a canon and the other is Buddha. ;) if you're interested, you can find more info here!

Down On the Farm Earrings
 photo err3_zpsfdc9c4df.jpg
I thought these charms were great! The cow says "Elsie" underneath! Cute and summery!

Rockabilly Rebel Earrings
 photo Earrings1_zps19e7802e.jpg
The red hoops are vintage (probably from the 60s or 70s) and they are a super fun addition to any outfit!

Pretty Purple and Black Goth Umbrella Earrings
 photo err6_zpse2c037ca.jpg
Ok, so the umbrella charms are new on these, BUT the flower beads and backing bead are all vintage. I thought they were too awesome to pass up! If you want more info on these, click here!

Kitchy Retro Earrings 
 photo Err2_zps4a3d4def.jpg
These guys are one of my favorite pairs! They are a great statement piece and will jazz up a T-Shirt and jeans with ease!

Hot Dog Earrings
 photo err5_zpsb4876806.jpg
Oh yeah, I did it. Who DOESN'T need HOT DOG earrings!?! I mean, come ON! ;)

Stay tuned for more vintage finds at Calamity Layne!

~Steph @ Calamity Layne
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