Things I Love: Sriracha Edition!

Betties N Brimstone: 10 Tips for Sriracha 

Occasionally I find some new food item that I become pretty obsessed with, and eat it at least once per day (or more...).  Last time I remember doing this, it was goat cheese.  This summer, it's sriracha.  Since becoming an "adult," I've discovered the amazingness that is Tabasco sauce on eggs and hot peppers on my sandwiches, but I'd never had sriracha.  Last time I visited the Chicago Diner, I noticed a bottle at every table.

Trader Joe's had a giant endcap display of sriracha, which got me thinking "Hey, if I like these other hot and spicy items, I bet I'd like this!"  So I bought a bottle to try out.  And it was amazing.

Sriracha is spicy, but also kind of sweet, which makes it super versatile for tons and tons of stuff.  I thought I'd share a list of ten super yummy ways to enjoy sriracha.
  1. EGGS - I put sriracha on scrambled eggs, usually a veggie omelet.  This was the way I tried sriracha for the very first time, since I typically put hot sauce or tabasco (eh, whatever the restaurant's got!) on my eggs.  But it's also fantastic on eggs over-easy or fried, too.
  2. TUNA or EGG SALAD - You only need a little bit, like a teaspoon or two, to mix with a can of tuna, some mayo, and a little chopped onion.  Or, with two hard-boiled eggs chopped up.  Sometimes I combine my tuna salad all together with hard boiled eggs and eat it as a combo. Oh man I'm getting hungry.  See also: sriracha deviled eggs.
  3. SALAD DRESSING - Ok, bear with me on this one.  Mix a teaspoon or so (I don't measure, just squirt a little bit out) with your ranch dressing before putting it onto a salad.  This is especially amazing with grilled chicken (or in my case, Quorn chik'n) or a nice piece of grilled fish on your salad.
  4. BURGER/SANDWICH SPREAD - Kind of like with the ranch above, mix a little sriracha with mayo and it becomes the world's most amazing burger/sandwich spread.  We grill a lot in the summer, and I slather this on top of my Boca Vegan Original patty, and yum.  So good!  I also used this mayo/sriracha combo on my fake bacon BLT a few nights ago... mmm...
  5. CHILI - I love to make chili.  I can use the crock pot and let it cook all day, or I can whip it up on the stovetop.  I don't even make a "veggie" chili, I just use a traditional meat recipe but substitute meatless ground beef crumbles in its place.  Instead of hot sauce?  You guessed it... sriracha!
  6. HUMMUS WRAPS - A great alternative to a lunchtime sandwich is a wrap.  I like to use a wheat tortilla, hummus, black beans, sliced mushrooms, peppers, and avocado.  My husband adds chicken to his (he's not a vegetarian, FYI).  If I'm feeling like a little more flavor, I add mustard (yellow, dijon, or even jalapeno-flavored), but you could also use a little sriracha!
  7. MARINADE - Add some sriracha to your favorite marinade sauces when marinating veggies or seafood for the grill for spicy goodness!
  8. RAMEN - Ramen is probably the world's most perfect food, I love it so much.  I wish it wasn't so bad for me.  You can pretty much add anything to it, and it's pretty much always amazing. Therefore, ramen + sriracha = double amazing.
  9. BLOODY MARY - yep.  Sriracha bloody mary recipe.  You're welcome.
  10. PASTA - mix it with some marinara for a spicy arrabbiata-inspired sauce.

As I was doing a little sriracha research online, I discovered someone who commented that they put sriracha on their McDonald's Egg McMuffin, and was lamenting that McDonald's doesn't provide sriracha as a condiment in their restaurants... it made me think that I should probably buy a second bottle for my car... !!!

Ah, writing blog posts on food is like walking through the grocery store.  If I wasn't hungry before, I am now!  Do you have any tips for using sriracha?

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