Things I Love: Derby Lite Edition!

Things I Love: Derby Lite edition

I'm a little late on today's post (I usually don't like to wait until so late in the day), but I had to sort through all of my photos from last night's Derby Lite class.  Even though I currently cannot skate, I've been going to class each week so I can see what I would have done, had I not injured myself.  This way, when I'm ready to come back, I know what I'll be expected to do, and I can maybe even practice some of the skills in the meantime!

Last night was the last class of the session, and friends and family were welcome to come and watch class.  I brought my camera with to catch some of the action.

Things I Love: Derby Lite edition

I always enjoy going to class and watching class, even if I can't skate, but I'm always a little bit sad not to be out there moving!  I am a non-exerciser (I just don't like it!)... except for roller-skating.  I have always loved it, and wouldn't you know, I find something I love, and I injure myself. Ugh.

But I will be back!!!

Things I Love: Derby Lite edition

Not only is Derby Lite class fun in the physical sense of getting up and skating and performing skills you didn't think you were capable of doing before, but the girls in the class are amazing and friendly!  After the last class, we went out for drinks, and I kept thinking about how much I'm going to miss these ladies during the summer session when they're all moving on in class!

By the way, I know I talk about Megan (who does my hair at Floyd's), but did you know that's her in the photo above throwing the peace sign?  Her derby name is Wanda Jacksomeone.

Things I Love: Derby Lite edition

I was super happy to get all of the girls from our beginner session together to take a group photo after class.  Can you spot me?

Things I Love: Derby Lite edition

One day when I'm back skating I hope to be brave enough to post a photo of myself in full gear looking all badass.  Bonus fun fact: my derby name is Ronnie Maims Dio.

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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