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* Disclosure: I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster *


When I found out that the Spring Vox Box from Influenster had a Schwarzkopf hair product in it, I was BEYOND excited. When I found out that the product that I received wasn't OSIS Dust-It, I was super sad.  If you've been a reader for a while, you may know of my love for hair powder/dry shampoos (as evidenced by this post, where I even mention OSIS Dust-It specifically!).  I received OSIS Gelastic ultra strong flex gel.

Gel?  I don't have short hair.  I don't have curly hair.  I don't use gel.  So I was understandably bummed.  Especially when I started seeing lots of instagram photos of lucky receivers of Dust-It powder.  Those people had no idea what awesomeness they held in their hands!

In the interest of science, I decided to give my OSIS Gelastic a whirl despite my disappointment, just to see what it could do for me, if anything.  I was actually pleasantly surprised!  This morning, I washed my hair. I applied a very small amount of gel to my hands (about the size of a dime/nickel), rubbed my hands together, and ran my hands through my hair.  I combed it through (including my bangs - this is important), and used the hairdryer and a brush to blow dry my hair as usual.  The result was nice, smooth hair.  See below.

wash & dry

My first observation was that I love what the gel did for my bangs.  It helped hold them in place, down and straight and full (if you have blunt bangs like me, you know how annoying having them split on you can be).

The gel also made my hair feel more texturized.  Not in looks, but in actual feel if I ran my hands through it.  This is something that I love, because I am all about teasing/backcombing sections of hair to add volume, and any product that will help hold a tease is a-ok in my book.

with hair powder

Here's the next tip: I now added my hair powder application.  Do you notice that my Got 2 B hair powder is made by Schwarzkopf?  Whoa.  Yep, I already knew this.  I've also discovered that it's becoming more and more hard to find in stores.  I ended up ordering 4 bottles of it online last week because I love it so much and don't want to run out.

I am very generous with hair powder.  I apply it by parting my hair down the center and shaking it onto the roots.  Then I create two more parts on the left and right side (each) and shake powder onto the roots.  Then the fun part - running your hands through your hair and rubbing the powder into the roots all over, making your hair crazy and big and awesome.  See photo above right.  It is also important to note that I do not use the shaker-style hair powder on my bangs.  I will use an aerosol dry shampoo on my bangs if they seem to get oily (but I try to go up to three days between shampoos on account of the purple dye - if you shampoo more frequently this probably isn't an issue).

I also divide my hair up into sections and backcomb/tease sections to add and keep volume.  I part my hair on the left, which creates unevenness on the overall volume of my 'do.  The right is more full than the left.  So I mostly try to tease the left side to even it out.

finished hair

Megan taught me a trick last week to help alleviate uneven hair.  Instead of parting my hair on the left using a straight part down the left side going back, I start the part on the left front and go diagonally towards the back right.  It adds some hair volume from the right side, and it's kind of more interesting than a typical part.

After all of my teasing and backcombing, I smooth my hair out to the desired fullness.  As I write this, I just realized I didn't even use hairspray today.  And it held up! Woo hoo!

finished hair 2

My finished hair result!

Here is some additional information directly from the manufacturer:

OSiS+ Gelastic is an ultra strong flex gel that provides all day definition and control and dries with a firm finish. Perfect for creating defined curls. $18.00 at salons across America, and Ulta.com For more information, visit the Schwarzkopf website here.

Benefits:  Ultra strong style control all day long, dries with a firm strong finish, provides lasting definition.

Ingredients: Resins normally used in finishing sprays provide lasting, strong and moldable hold.

Application: Apply a small amount into damp hair and style as desired, or work into dry hair for additional separation.  Create your style or add texture as preferred.

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