Iggy @ 16 Months


These updates always sneak up on me!  Two more months have gone by!  My little guy is going to be one-and-a-half soon... but for now, I'll take 16 months.  I feel like he has made huge strides in just the last week alone.  I'm going to try to remember it all here and get it down, so bear with me.

First of all, we've had a couple of warmer days (not today ha ha) and we pulled out the kiddie pool for Iggy.  I bought him an actual bathing suit (after this photo was taken, of course), and I'm pretty excited to show it off.  It has skulls on it.  Iggy mostly likes standing next to the pool and dumping water out from the bucket onto himself and the grass.

food iggy@16months

Iggy has made HUGE strides in eating.  Mostly that he feeds himself (see above).  It's really really really reallyreallyreally messy, but he absolutely insists on doing it himself, and he's getting most of the food in!  These photos are from one of the first times we let him attempt to feed himself.  The drippy food goatee is my favorite part.  So cute.

getting into stuff iggy@16months

Iggy likes to explore and get into things.  Both good and bad.  Here he is with my shoes on.  If you leave them on the floor, he will try them on.  Even if they're backwards or the wrong feet.  Also, Iggy has taken to crawling inside Dio's crate.  Sometimes even letting her out of the crate in order to do so.  Sheesh.  He loves to crawl into things, so you can imagine how popular cardboard boxes are in this house, too.

I taught Iggy how to carry a small step stool over to the couch so he could crawl up next to me (with the whole one-armed elbow surgery thing, I can't really pick him up), and this has been both a blessing and a curse, because now he will use the step stool to climb up on a variety of things, like our ottoman/coffee table, and the kitchen shelves...

hanging out iggy@16months

The personality on this kid just cracks me up.  His crossed legs in the car seat shot above was more than I could stand.  And then here he is on his recliner (a hand-me-down from my brother and sister-in-law) having a snack with his blanket on his lap.

He talks now, too.  Just a little, but enough.  Just this past week he has started saying "Mama" and "Dada" to refer to Todd and I.  And it's the single greatest parenting moment since I had him.  His ability to communicate is amazing.  The other day he brought me a children's book with a picture of a banana and then pointed to the kitchen.  I asked him in disbelief "do you want a banana?" and he looks and me and goes "YEAHHH" as he nods his head (it's too cute, seriously).  So I walk into the kitchen with him, and he walks over to the counter where I keep the bananas and points up to it.  I take one down and hand it to him.  I aks him if that's what he wants.  "YEAHHH."

Then, when you go to offer him something (usually food), you can get him to say please.  Except when Iggy says it, it sounds like "pee pee pees" and then you give him the food.  Ughhh the cuteness is too much to bear.

vaccuum with dad iggy@16months

Last week we stopped at the pet store and he decided to say hi to the cats that are up for adoption.  Again, I melt.  And then we went to the toy store to buy him a vacuum so he can vacuum the rug with Dad.  My boys love to vacuum, what can I say?  I'm lucky.

Iggy has some of his back molars now, which we found out when he was having a meltdown at the doctor's office and he threw his head back to cry and yell - we could see them!  Hmm.

He has never had a haircut since he was born because he doesn't have a lot of hair.  Except in the back, where he's sporting quite the mullet right now.  I think we're gonna let it keep growing and see what happens...

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