That time when something really awesome becomes something really terrible.

skate gear

I know I've mentioned at least once before how I'm taking roller derby lessons with Stephanie & Megan.  Well, just last Tuesday, we were learning how to do plow stops, and I was doing pretty good! I don't know if maybe I got over-confident or what, but I squatted down to stop and turned my wheels inward.  My weight must've shifted too much to the back, because I began to tip backwards and to the left.  I completely fell, and landed on my arm.  Keep in mind, though, that I had FULL safety gear on at the time: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a mouth guard.  I was embarrassed, but pulled myself up as an instructor came over to see if I was ok.  My immediate reaction was to say that I was fine, but as I stood up, it became very apparent that I was not, in fact, fine.

We rolled off the floor to a bench and sat down.  Girls immediately began pulling off my gear.  The owner of the roller rink came over and put ice under my arm.  I called my husband, and, since he was home with the baby and Iggy had just went to bed, I would get a ride home from Megan while he got baby coverage, and he'd take me to the emergency room when I got home.

elbow sling

At the emergency room, they took x-rays, and the doctor there explained that I had cracked the end of my humerus bone.  We got back home at about 12:30 am.  The next morning, I saw the orthopedist, who explained that I would have to have surgery to fix the bone, which involved putting screws into my elbow to put everything back together.  Oh joy.

So, on Thursday afternoon I was having surgery on my elbow.  I was released from the hospital late afternoon, and I'm laid up here, recuperating until further notice...

This sucks.

List of things that are impossible/near impossible to do with only one arm:

  • get dressed in the morning
  • put in/take out contacts
  • pull your pants back up after going to the bathroom
  • changing a baby's diaper
  • picking up a baby, at all
  • putting your hair into a ponytail
  • washing your hair
  • taking a bath/shower and getting all the parts clean
  • washing your hand
  • unscrewing sippy cups, mascara tubes, or anything else with a screw top
  • attaching a leash to a spastic puppy dog collar to take her out
  • winged eye liner
  • blow drying your hair
  • cutting/filing your nails
  • climbing into a tall bed
  • adjusting your seating/laying position on a bed or couch
  • tying your shoes
  • blowing your nose
  • putting on/taking off earrings
  • cutting up food
That's all I've got for now, except to add that tasks that actually can be performed with one arm (brushing teeth, for example) have the added bonus of trying to work around the bulk of an arm strapped across your chest, with sling strap cutting into your neck causing additional pain and irritation at the same time...

Hopefully I'll have a new blog post for you on Wednesday.  If not, you know why...

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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  1. Oh man... That sucks! Here's to a speedy recovery!


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