3 Tips on Vintage Home Decor

Hi folks!

Spring cleaning has started me on reconfiguring my living room. I decided that we needed a big piece of artwork in our front entrance. I had played around with a few ideas in my head on what I wanted to do, but I had a very fortunate encounter with Brett Whitacre through my workplace (School of Rock). He is the drummer for The Legendary Shack Shakers, but he ALSO paint amazing works of pop art backwards on glass! They are phenomenal and I bought one for our living room!
 photo jerrycurl2_zps738ac79d.jpg
Anyway, I figured I can't be the only one working on their home decorating this spring, so I wanted to share a few tips on vintage and home decor!

1) Feel and Balance - You must first decide what you want your room to feel like when you walk in. In my case, our home is a 1957 Californian style ranch and I wanted to make sure I kept that look and feel in all of my decor. Maybe you really like turn of century French and mid century modern together. Whatever your desired look and feel, the key is balancing the two desired d├ęcor types into something that you will enjoy. Like I said before, I love mid century modern and Californian style vintage, but I also like a lot of weird kitsch and color. So, to ensure everything “feels” the way I want, I have mixed original vintage pieces in more neutral tones in with my weird colorful and random decorative items. This ensures that the color doesn’t overwhelm the eye and you can still focus on the clean mid-century modern lines.

 photo livingroom_zpsfbd76d02.jpg 2) Pulling Colors Together– In my case, I have a LOT of colors in my home. If you are having trouble deciding on a color scheme, choose a favorite object that you are planning on putting in the room (like a blanket or a vintage lamp). Once you’ve chosen your item, choose 3 to 5 colors in that object and start thinking about what color (out of the 3 to 5) you would paint the walls and then only choose items for that room based on your colors. In my case, I like the 50s and they had a lot of crazy colors to work with, but maybe you like early America style. Maybe think about an old American flag and start out with muted red, ivory, and light navy for your accessories (comforters, lamps, etc...) and throw in some gold and dark brown tones for your neutrals (furniture, larger items).
 photo bar_zps395b7fd5.jpg
3) Proportion – If you have a lot of small similar items, you can group them together in an area or wall as a statement piece, but don’t be afraid to go big if you want to! Say that you have a very cool vintage mirror that is in a unique frame, but is not big enough to cover the wall you want it on. You have a few options form making the mirror work i your favor. Think about what time it came from... Maybe you can find 2 cool sconces from the same era that you can place on either side of it to make it fit the wall a little better. What is the color and/or the shape of the frame on the mirror? Maybe you could find a few smaller mirrors or picture frames in the same color and/or shape. You can always paint them the same color as well. Group these items together around the mirror to make it look like a more cohesive decorative unit.
 photo lr1_zps9436be48.jpg

I hope these were helpful! Do you have any projects you’re working on? Do you have any tips or need some? Leave a comment below!

Catch ya later!

Steph @ Calamity Layne


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    1. Steph's home is seriously like a little vintage time capsule. Every time I go over to hang out I find something new!


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