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Have you ever tried this?  You know, those advertisements for magazines or credit cards with the postage-paid envelopes?  I take the application and write "remove from mailing list" really bold (usually sharpie) and put it into their envelope and send it right back to them.  Let them pay for the postage to get their own stupid papers back.

I hate junk mail.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a really effective way to stop it completely/almost completely.  Just when I think I've got most of it gone, something new shows up.  Or god forbid I order something online.  Then the catalogs just keep coming (Simply Be, I'm looking at you and your horrible customer service!  What makes you think I'll order from you again?!!!)

And there's also those weekly advertisements from local businesses.  There's a number and an email address you're supposed to be able to contact to make it stop.  Yeah, um, didn't work.  We've called/emailed over a dozen times.  Keeps coming.

While we're at it, let's talk telemarketers.

It's election season, and every jerk under the sun keeps calling my house with recorded messages that just HAPPEN to ring right when Iggy's napping.  AAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!  I will NOT vote for you just because you woke up the baby!  How's that?!

But even companies that I do like are bombarding me with stupid sales calls.  Like Feldco.  We purchased windows last year from them, and we're very happy with them.  But please stop calling me to see if I want to order more!  I'll call you!  And State Farm.  No, I do not want to re-evaluate my insurance and get a sales pitch from you about how I should buy more.  I'm happy right now as-is.  I'LL CALL YOU, okay?

So, my solution is pretty simple.  We turned off the ringer to our house phone.  This way, the baby won't be woken up.  Most people call Todd and I on our cell phones anyways.  And if they don't, they can just leave a message on the home answering machine and I'll call them back later.  We seriously don't use it enough to justify having the ringer on.  I only keep the home line just in case...

Got any tips for alleviating junk mail or telemarketers?  Let me know!

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