It's a Gem Sweaterrrr

betties n brimstone OOTD
dress - Target / sweater - Forever 21+ / scarf - xmas gift / tights - we love colors / shoes - sketchers
I love this dress, and every time I've worn it, I've forgotten to take a photo!  Therefore, my new habit is to get to work early and take photos even before the day has begun.  Then, I can't forget to do it, and I can take photos before I spill any paint/smear clay/get bumped into with plaster and the like...

betties n brimstone OOTD

I love this new long cardigan from Forever 21+.  It's the studs on it, I know.  I couldn't resist.  Todd saw it for the first time, and said "IT'S A GEM SWEATERRRR" in reference to this Leslie Hall video (it's my new bizarre fascination, blame it on Yo Gabba Gabba, which is on at our house most of the time - she appears as DJ Lance's friend.)

betties n brimstone OOTD

Above, outfit details.  I have a tendency to stock up on neutral items, as in black, gray, and different shades of those two... so I use these bright We Love Colors plus size tights (woot!) to brighten things up on occasion.

betties n brimstone OOTD

On this day, I used a combination of grey shadows on my eyes.  There's a light silvery color on the center of the lids, and a darker, smoky grey on the outer corners and crease.  Plus, signature cat eye.

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