Iggy @ 14 months


Wow!  It's already time for an Iggy update!  I like to check-in on Iggy every 2 months.  A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning out my art studio and found Iggy's baby book.  It was embarrassing how much I had NOT filled out, how much I didn't document... then I remembered how much I actually DO have written down, thanks to the blog.


Iggy does all kinds of stuff now.  He goes lots of places with me and Todd or with my mom, who watches him while I'm at work (god I'd give anything to be a stay-at-home-mom though!).  Above right is a photo of Iggy at the end of a long shopping day with Lisa and Gunnar.  Notice Gunnar didn't quite make it.  You also can't see that they both have on shirts with velcro capes: Thor for Iggy, and Batman for Gunnar.  So cute!

I had a moment right before Easter when I decided that Iggy "had" to get the Yo Gabba Gabba boom box playset and figures for Easter.  It took three different Toys R Us stores to find everything, and now I'm running around trying to keep them all together so Dio doesn't chew them up.  Ah, puppy life.  But the boom box set and figures are perfect for him.  He seriously loves that show.  But so do I.


Above (left to right): I was able to keep the bunny ears on Iggy's head just long enough to snap a photo of him; the carseat was flipped forward just this week, and Iggy is taking applesauce pouches out of the box at a stoplight; Iggy resisting being fed by me (hence our new love of food in pouches); and Iggy's latest fascination with sitting in things like baskets and boxes.

So, feeding is getting interesting.  Iggy is very temperamental about what he'll eat and how he will go about eating it.  His favorite food right now seems to be graham crackers and anything that comes in a squeezy pouch.  At one point he was completely resisting food from a spoon if I was doing the work.  He wants to try feeding himself, but he does not have the coordination yet, so those darn squeeze pouches are perfect, albeit kind of pricey (even if you factor in the "generic" store brand version).  So I bought these Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches from Amazon, and so far so good.  I can fill them with my regular food purees and applesauces - he doesn't seem to notice the difference.  Phew!

more iggy 
As Iggy grows older, it's more and more fun to see his personality coming out, and he's beginning to really communicate.  He understands us way more than we can understand him.  I'll ask him, "where is your shoe?" and he'll point to it, or pick it up and hold it out to me.  He'll mimic sounds, like when the dogs bark or whine, or when someone sneezes.  The other day we were in the car and I was stuck at a light, so I said "booooo" and he tried to say it back.  It came out kind of "buh."  He tells the dogs to "go," he says hi to everyone he sees (and sometimes inanimate objects/cars too), he asks for more food... but he still doesn't purposefully say "mama" or "dada."

That'll be a cool day.

Rock on,
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