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Today I'm going to start an exercise that you can use when you're feeling down on yourself.  It's called "I am awesome."  Real simple: just write a list of things that you are awesome at.  Don't worry about being conceited, just feel proud.

Here's my list:
  1. I am awesome... at teaching art.  I truly believe that I am really good at it, and that I do the best job I can possibly do.  I go home at night feeling like my students have gotten the best possible art education that day.
  2. I am awesome... at picking out paint colors.  I love choosing colors for rooms, for myself or even for other people.  I tend to choose more bold colors, but when people walk into my house they will usually comment on how they like it.
  3. I am awesome... at whipping up dinner from minimal items in the pantry.  I tend to keep mostly frozen and canned goods in our house (since they keep longer), and I tend to surprise myself with  my ingenuity at combining things to create a new dish.
  4. I am awesome... at unclogging glue bottles.  Hmm, I guess that is kind of a part of #1, but I brag about this all the time with my students.  They are awesome at clogging them - and I am awesome at unclogging them.
  5. I am awesome... at drawing cat eye liner on my eyes and keeping it relatively even.  That one's a result of lots and lots of practice!
  6. I am awesome... at arranging items on shelves.  You know, so objects are displayed nicely.  I think I have an eye for balance and size and junk like that, so I just know when an arrangement feels right.
  7. I am awesome... at being a devil's advocate.  That's both a plus and a minus.  I have a knack for being able to see various sides of an issue, and sometimes my pointing out another view is seen as confrontational or that I disagree, but that's not always my intention.
  8. I am awesome... at creating stuff.  Mostly, making accessories and jewelry for Hell Razor, but also with other crafty projects and re-imagining things around the house.
  9. I am awesome... at falling asleep.  This one is kind of funny.  My husband always says that within five minutes of laying down, I'm completely zonked out.  I also used to fall asleep at yoga class all the time during the final relaxation.
  10. I am awesome... at being a mom.  I don't always have all the answers, and at times it can be stressful, but I'm proud of how things have gone so far. 
Now it's your turn!  My challenge to you is to come up with your own "I am awesome" list!  Can you think of at least ten?  It took me a while, but I did it!  If you make one, post a link to your list in the comments below so I can check it out!

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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