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Ronnie James Dio!

Please welcome Ronnie James Dio, the newest addition to our family! Dio's mom is a French Bulldog, and her dad is Boston Terrier. Yes, we now have a crazy home with a 14-month old baby, a dog, and a brand-new puppy. Crazy, but awesome fun.

We weren't looking for a new puppy, but the opportunity came up to adopt her when our friend's dog had puppies. I couldn't stand the cuteness of the photos via Instagram... Every time one of this photos came up, I gushed and showed Todd and cooed over the adorable-ness of it all. So, when we were offered a puppy a few weeks later, I knew we had an important decision to make.

Oh, some people don't know the origin of the name, but if you're a regular blog reader, you're probably familiar with the late Ronnie James Dio. He was an epic heavy metal vocalist, but he was also a little guy, kind of short and skinny. So I always thought a tiny dog with big personality needed a name like Dio. As far as the fact that Dio (the dog) is a female, well, I just think that she's tough enough to handle that.

Ronnie James Dio!

Right now, Dio is only 5 pounds! Such a tiny little ball of energy! She is getting along with Motörhead and Iggy amazingly. The cutest thing is to find Dio curled up in a little ball against Motörhead, or when she and Iggy run around the living room. I love our family.

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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    1. Aw, thanks! She's a handful, but I forget when I look into her sweet little bug eyes. :)

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