Spring Mantel Idea!

spring mantel idea

In honor of this week being SPRING BREAK, I've got a fun idea for your spring-themed mantel!  I've been collecting little bird figurines for a couple of seasons now, and I usually display them as a centerpiece or on a side table.  This year, I decided to use them on the fireplace mantel.

Ever since Todd fixed the mantel by raising it, I've been having a lot of fun decorating for holidays and such.  I have my reindeer collection at Christmastime, and a Halloween setup as well.

spring mantel idea

My favorite places to find bird figurines are Michaels, Target, HomeGoods, and good old fashioned thrift stores!

The key to a good mantel arrangement is to stagger the heights and sizes of objects.  I used this bird's nest candleholder to perch a few bird figurines at varying levels, and a tall white candlestick as a column to hold another bird.

spring mantel idea

You'll notice that not everything on the mantle is a bird.  Some things (like the bird nest candle holder) are bird-related.  Another related element is to use a branch (or branches) in a vase, which also adds height to the overall arrangement.

My awesome doll head is an item I picked up at a vintage sale after I set up the bird display.  But I set it up on the mantel after I bought it, and it just looked too good to move!  So don't be afraid to add in something random or unusual just to see how it might look.  I can easily imagine a bird collection alongside some fun dishes, floral teacups, or colored glass pieces.  Experiment!

You may notice I kind of prefer an asymmetrical composition, as opposed to balancing everything exactly the same on both sides.  It's personal preference, really - but I think the asymmetrical look is more interesting.  Don't be afraid to set up your display, live with it for a day, and then rearrange it if it doesn't feel right!

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