Subtle & Sexy Pin Up Makeup

Hello Ladies!

 photo fce_zps68833d38.jpg Do you like the pin up look, but don't want to go all out ALL the time?! I'm going to show you what I use to do a very subtle pin up look that you can wear any time, anywhere!

You Will Need:
eye shadow and blush brushes
2 eyeshadows (one light cream color and one dark or gray color)
liquid eyeliner
concealer or under eye brightener

For a very subtle pin up eye, I used a smokey effect to make the liquid liner a little less noticeable. I used an Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and Stila's Ebony and Bone shadows from the "In the Light" eyeshadow palette. You can use whatever similar colors you prefer!

 photo eyeclosed_zps804ceb6d.jpg 1. Cover the eye area lash line to brow in Bone shadow (or light shadow of your choice)

2. Dip the tip of your brush in the Ebony shadow (or dark shadow of your choice) and cover your lid from lash line to crease. Make sure you blend out enough so your shadow ends up grayer as it reaches the crease.

3. Without using any shadow, take the dark shadow brush and make a windshield wiper action IN the crease from tear duct to the end of your lash line. This will help the shadow blend look a little bit more gradual.

 photo liner_zps7eba521d.jpg
4. Sweep the liquid liner across your lash line into a cat eye (I will show you how to do this in a different post).

5. Don't forget your mascara! I go cheep on mine. I love Maybelline's the Colossal Volume Express waterproof. It doesn't smudge and it looks just as fancy as the expensive crap!

 photo openeye_zps623ddc1c.jpg

6. After you have finished both eyes, dab a little concealer or eye brightener under your eye (where bags and dark circles occur). I LOVE Benefit's Ooh La Lift...it's greta because it doesn't crease and it looks bright! This brightens up the eye area and also helps to get rid of any dark shadow that may have landed under your eye causing a fake dark circle!

 photo blush_zpse6f7a667.jpg


1. Sweep a bright, but natural colored blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it out a little bit to give you that rosy glow! I used Frisky by Tarte. I think they have really vibrant blushes and you don't need to use a lot to get the desired effect.

 photo cheeks_zps41a386d6.jpg

Luscious Lips!

1. Use a light brick colored red tone for your lips. You still get the pin up pout with a little less sass. I used Stila's Long Wear Lip Color in Paramour.

 photo lips_zps213315e9.jpg

I totally wear this look to work, but I'm also usually a LOT more made up on my days off. Try it out and tell me what you think!

Yours Truly, 
Steph @ Calamity Layne


Spring Mantel Idea!

spring mantel idea

In honor of this week being SPRING BREAK, I've got a fun idea for your spring-themed mantel!  I've been collecting little bird figurines for a couple of seasons now, and I usually display them as a centerpiece or on a side table.  This year, I decided to use them on the fireplace mantel.

Ever since Todd fixed the mantel by raising it, I've been having a lot of fun decorating for holidays and such.  I have my reindeer collection at Christmastime, and a Halloween setup as well.

spring mantel idea

My favorite places to find bird figurines are Michaels, Target, HomeGoods, and good old fashioned thrift stores!

The key to a good mantel arrangement is to stagger the heights and sizes of objects.  I used this bird's nest candleholder to perch a few bird figurines at varying levels, and a tall white candlestick as a column to hold another bird.

spring mantel idea

You'll notice that not everything on the mantle is a bird.  Some things (like the bird nest candle holder) are bird-related.  Another related element is to use a branch (or branches) in a vase, which also adds height to the overall arrangement.

My awesome doll head is an item I picked up at a vintage sale after I set up the bird display.  But I set it up on the mantel after I bought it, and it just looked too good to move!  So don't be afraid to add in something random or unusual just to see how it might look.  I can easily imagine a bird collection alongside some fun dishes, floral teacups, or colored glass pieces.  Experiment!

You may notice I kind of prefer an asymmetrical composition, as opposed to balancing everything exactly the same on both sides.  It's personal preference, really - but I think the asymmetrical look is more interesting.  Don't be afraid to set up your display, live with it for a day, and then rearrange it if it doesn't feel right!

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Flannel is the new cardigan.

betties n brimstone
flannel shirt - thrifted / dress - Target / leggings - Torrid / boots - Torrid / belt - Torrid

So, I've had this idea in my head all winter about wearing flannel shirts instead of cardigans - you know, any place where I'd typically wear a cardigan - like over a dress, or with jeans and a t-shirt.  But then I never quite got around to buying said flannel shirts.  I did, however, add to my cardigan collection.  I'm scatterbrained like that.

Well, on this day I decided to go ahead with my plan.  I found this flannel shirt at Savers while shopping with Stephanie a few months back.  It's the perfect amount of softness.

betties n brimstone

Heh heh.  Can you spot the bit of yellow paint on the picture in the above left shot?  I didn't see it until I was editing these photos!  Art teacher problems.  I intended to take these photos earlier in the day (a la my typical @ work photo shoot), but I've had kind of a crazy day/week/month/etc/etc/etc... therefore, you get an end-of-the-day in-the-studio shot.  Even if it's kind of messy in here, it always looks happy and bright.

betties n brimstone

I do think my Soundgarden concert poster is kind of appropriate with the whole flannel theme though.  And combat-ish style boots.  Grunge flashback.

betties n brimstone

I painted my nails the night before.  Tried the whole accent ringfinger trend.  I used a bent bobbypin to make the polkadots (thanks Pinterest!) and Iggy was fascinated to watch the entire nail painting process.  He was so quiet leaning over next to me, observing.  It was pretty darn cute.

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Rules to Shop By

Hello Gorgeous!

Today we are going to focus on some rules to shop by! Vintage shopping is kind of like dating...You're gonna need to try a few on before you take one home! Most vintage clothing is handmade OR tailored to fit the previous owner which makes it difficult to find pieces in your size. So when vintage shopping, remember these simple "dating" rules:

 photo reddress_zpsac00df0d.jpg The good ones are worth searching for! - Be prepared to search a little before you find “the one”

First impressions can be decieving! - Just because something LOOKS like it won't fit doesn't mean it won't and vice versa. Go ahead! Try it on!!!

Less is more - Do not go in expecting to find vast amounts of vintage clothing in your size. You can usually find a few really great pieces that make you feel awesome!

 photo navyorange_zps4147c39d.jpgGet back on the horse! - Don’t get discouraged if the first few items don’t fit. Eyeballing items for fit takes some practice. Just ask a sales associate if you are having trouble. They know where everything is anyway! :)

It's not you, it's them - You might feel discouraged because a lot of the items you're trying on are too small. Make sure you remember that this is not an indication that you're "big!" Fact is, people were a lot smaller in earlier generations. They didn't have access to the amount of protein, food, and improved healthcare like we do...Oh yeah, AND we do not try and force ourselves into tiny, uncomfortable girdles and corsets on a daily basis like they did. So, don't beat yourself up! I rarely come home with something awesome...it takes a lot of searching! 

 photo greenslip_zps1da3828d.jpg  Don't try and force it! - When you're trying on vintage items, you may want to try and force a piece over your shoulders, bust, or hips AND you may succeed! However, your momentary feeling of joy will be replaced by panic as you realize you have to take it OFF. For example, you may find yourself dancing around a tinsy, heavily curtained, dressing-room for 10 minutes trying to ease a very delicate silk dress back up past your shoulder blades...all the while praying you don't have to ask the GUY behind the counter to come help you AND that the dress doesn't rip...NOT that I have experience in this area...cough* Moral of the story: Don't try and force something to fit.

Whip it into shape! - If you find an item that is too big or a little bit too small, you can always go and get it tailored to fit you! Just keep in mind if it's too big, fitting shouldn't be an issue. However, if it's too small you'll need to check how much fabric is left to play with in the seams of the dress. If all you need is 1/2 an inch, you should be ok. Just check the seams. You can always ask the shop keeper if they think it can be let out.

 photo earrings_zps9dfed654.jpgDiamonds are a girl's best friend! - If you're having trouble finding something in your size today, there's always tomorrow! Vintage stores get new stuff in all the time! Give your name and number to the shop keeper and tell him to let you know when they get something in your size. This doens't mean you have to leave empty handed! Go check out the accessories case! get yourself a cute 40s clutch or a 60s flower broach. AND silk scarves are always a cute addition to an outfit or bag!

If you follow these simple rules, you should be fine! Remember, when you find the right piece, you just know! ;)

Yours Truly, 
Steph @ Calamity Layne

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I "heart" Meez Meals!

Meez Meals

Today I'd like to share with you one of my favorite time-and-money-saving secrets: Meez Meals!  Meez Meals is a delivery service in the Chicago area, and within a 25 mile radius.  They even come all the way out to my suburb (in the Brookfield Zoo area), and I read they even go farther out (like Downers Grove), which is super awesome.  I learned about Meez from my friend Lisa (see our baby date here).

Meez Meals is NOT a subscription service where you get billed each week.  You order only the week that you want, the number of meals that you want, and the number of servings that you want.  You pick from a menu of five different delicious meals each week (the menu changes).  The meals show up pre-packaged as separate ingredients, which have already been pre-washed, cut, rinsed, mixed, seasoned, or anything else that can be done ahead of time.

My job is to follow the super simple recipe/direction card that comes with each meal.  Depending on which meals you choose, I'd say the average time from opening the bag to sit-down and chow is about 30 minutes.  But you get to preview the times (and nutrition info) for each recipe online, so you can boil that down to an even shorter frame.  I've had recipes down as quickly as 15 minutes, or had them take as "long" as 50 minutes... still not so bad, actually...

Meez Meals

The coolest part is that I get to try all sorts of food that I probably wouldn't try out on my own.  See the top left photo?  My first EVER Meez Meal.  I made crepes!  I'd never made them before IN MY LIFE - and they were delicious!  The top right is a red pepper frittata.  It was so good that we ate 3/4 of it before I even remembered to take a photograph!

A bonus for me is that all of the Meez Meals are vegetarian, with the option of ordering recipes as vegan, if you so choose.  There are also gluten-free options.  Meez customer service is fantastic, so if you have other dietary concerns, they are absolutely willing to help you out with any questions - and they're fast!

Not a vegetarian?  No worry - most of the meals come with suggestions for "omnivore options" so you can pair your meal with meat, too!

Meez Meals

This was coconut rice with mango, pineapple salsa, and black beans... so freakin' delicious, I would have never thought to mix all of this stuff together on my own!

If you do decide to try out Meez, I'd recommend anything on the menu that's a taco.  I've never gone wrong with those.  But then again, I don't think I've gone wrong with any of my selections so far!

The order deadline for each week is Thursday.  Deliveries are on Mondays, and all your meals come in a box with special packaging to keep it cold, so you don't even need to be home (we never are!) - it's safe for 12 hours on your porch.  We get our delivery dropped off at the back entrance, and the delivery guy picks up the old box and takes it with him when he drops off the new one.  So it's all very convenient.

Oh yeah, you're probably wondering about the price.  I pay about $71 for one week - that's 3 meals for my husband and I (btw, the servings are huge!).  At first you may think that sounds expensive... but if I don't cook at home, we order out, and we spend at least $25... but usually more.  Go out for a meal and have a drink?  The bill is automatically over $50.  So if you consider what I save on NOT going out, this service easily pays for itself.

But my favorite thing about Meez is that I come home from work, pull out a brown paper bag, pull out the ingredients, and in 30 minutes (or so) - dinner is DONE!  No "what should we have for dinner" conversation, no running out because I have no bread or milk... it's all decided!  And I often feel like my brain is burnt out when I get home, so not having to think is absolutely priceless.

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Free Vintage Posters!

This is a real thing!  I found this website while surfing Twitter the other day, and someone had linked to it.  This site has free vintage poster images that you can print out and hang!  I especially love the old sci-fi/monster movie posters...

You could print them at home on your home printer (ooh how about a series of 8.5"x11" prints to swap out with existing framed art in your home for holidays, like Halloween?), or take the file to a place like FedEx Office and have it printed onto 18x24 for $22?  Not bad for some sweet artwork for your home!

These downloads state that they are for educational, research, and entertainment purposes, so I wouldn't recommend using them for commercial items.  But I'm seriously thinking about ideas for where to hang this sweet "Dr. Jekyl Weird Show" in my house...

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Comfort is Key...

dress - Forever 21+ / leggings - Target / cardigan - Torrid / boots - Torrid / glasses - Coastal.com

Ugh, I've really been dragging lately.  And when I'm feeling like this, all I want is to be comfortable.  In my brain comfortable = stretchy clothes.   You know, like Nacho Libre and his stretchy pants.

This is a stretchy dress from Forever 21+.  I tried it on in the store, but it was a size too small (and they didn't have my size, of course), so I looked it up online and ordered it.  It's a bit too long, but I haven't had the will or energy to give it a little hem just yet.  Last weekend I hemmed four curtain panels and it wiped me out!  No more sewing for now.

Looking at these pictures makes me think that wearing lipstick needs to be more of a priority.  Otherwise, I just look washed out.  In my first outfit posts, I made a point to fix my makeup before taking photos.  I should probably remember that.

I love stripey things.  And purple.  And leggings.  So this outfit is kind of everything good.

Want to know more about my groovy pink yardstick star wall art?  I did a whole DIY about it here.  The faux gold deer head is a project we do in 8th grade art, inspired by this.  Only we use plaster instead of paper mache.

This is one of my lazy day hairdos.  I split my hair into pigtails, but I don't pull the hair all the way through on the last twist of the elastic.  It looks (only slightly) less little-girlish than normal pigtails.  And it keeps my hair up off of my face.  And it disguises roots that are getting greasy if you didn't wash it that morning.  Not that I do that or anything...!!!

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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The Woman in Black

sweater - Lane Bryant / pants - Torrid / boots - MooShoes / scarf - gift (Kohl's?)

On this day, I decided to spice up my (potentially) boring outfit post by using my classroom skeleton as a partner-in-crime.  Yes, it's goofy, but oh well.  My black sweater today is one that I bought for my grandmother's funeral.  I figured I might as well put it to good use by wearing it again.  I thought that I was wearing "too much black," so I broke it up by adding a leopard print scarf that was a hand-me-down gift from my mom.  I actually wear it a lot, but this is my first time photographing it for the blog.

Let's talk about these pants!  They're from Torrid, and they're something I typically see in the store, think, "ooh those are so cute - but they're not for me..." and walk on by.  Well, I was shopping with my mom and Iggy the day I bought these, and my mom approached me with them and said "Iggy picked these out for you." So just to humor everyone involved, I took them into the dressing room and tried them on.  Lo and behold, they're awesome.  They're a "skinny" cut with a lot of stretch, so they're super comfortable.  And interestingly enough, no one at work has ever commented on them unless I explicitly pointed out the sweet skull pattern.  So they're not noticeable as skulls from afar?

Overall, this was a very "comfy" outfit, which I've found myself gravitating towards lately.  I think I'm starting to sink back into old habits of getting depressed and down on myself for the way that I look.  I just got a blood test this weekend for my thyroid levels to see if my meds are high enough (my guess is that they're not if I'm still feeling like this), so we'll have to wait and see what happens...

This scarf from my mom is a brand that I normally wouldn't consider, but the dark leopard print is awesome yet subtle enough to be considered a "neutral" and therefore can go with lots and lots of outfits.  I'm not a very good scarf tie-er, so I'm always looking for good ideas and suggestions to make that work.  Found a few infographics on Pinterest, but it seems like my scarves are too short for some, and others are a little too confusing for me to figure out... ideas?

Any thoughts on my new photo prop friend?  Maybe I'll start dressing him (or her) up in the future, too!

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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Tweet Tweet!

I just wanted to pop in and share this tweet from We Love Colors that was posted on Thursday!  I'm sad I didn't even notice it until now, but how awesome is this?!  Yayy!  This photo was part of my outfit post here.

Have a great rest of your weekend - and see you tomorrow!  Tonight, Stephanie and I will be hanging out and vending at the roller derby!  Hope to see you there!

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Caring for your Vintage Clothing

Hello Gorgeous!
I'm sorry I was MIA last Friday! I'm back and ready for action!

So you've bought a SWEET 1950s cotton cocktail dress! It's cute, it's fun, and you've worn it out to go dancing. Now, how are you going to wash it?? Ok, first thing's first....


Here are a few tips for caring for your newly found vintage treasures.

1. Wear deodorant without aluminum.
The aluminum in antiperspirants can fade color in the fabric or make it more prone to tear. Pick a deodorant that is easily washed away with a gentle detergent. My favorite deodorant (THAT WORKS!!!) is Aromaco from Lush. You can visit your closest one OR you can go HERE and order it online! It's the best natural and aluminum free deodorant I've ever used.

2. Before you touch water to your new outfit, make SURE you know what kind of fabric you're working with. Some fabrics are ruined by water...like rayon crepe NEVER wash rayon crepe. It will shrink up like a shrinky-dink. Unfortunately, that's what happened to this cute little 40s number...Ugh.

 photo DeadDress_zps65a4c46c.jpg

3. Always hang vintage to dry. I never put my items in the dryer no matter what era they came from. Sometimes something looks like it will go in the dryer, but comes out 3 sizes smaller with dryer lint burnt to it. Purchase a drying rack OR if you have room make a clothes line in your laundry room with some string and 2 screw hooks!

4. Hand-wash, Dry Clean, or Washer?

 photo HandWash_zps532fe987.jpg

I usually hand-wash all of my vintage items, but I always use a very mild detergent like baby shampoo or even a little vinegar. You will also need to divide your laundry by color more than ever. Depending on the era it was made, black dye can bleed hardcore. I will wash my black clothing one piece at a time to prevent bleeding.

Dry Clean
 photo DryCleanOnly_zps4edeb6f8.jpg

You should try and take wool to the dry cleaners, but I'm terrified to take any of my stuff to the dry cleaner...HOWEVER, I do live in Chicago and don't trust any of them. If you live in a smaller community and know you can trust your dry cleaner to to take care of your garment and then not "lose" it, then by all means try the dry cleaner.

 photo Washer_zps1571be1c.jpg

Some fabrics can go in the washer, BUT before you put a garment in the washer make sure you check a few things. First, turn the garment inside out, then check the seams to make sure none of them are going to break. You can wash polyester, nylon, linen, pure cotton, and many synthetics, but I still always put the washer on delicate.

Obviously, there are many other measures you can take to care for your vintage clothing, but these are a few basic things you can do to keep your items looking awesome and lasting forever.

As always, if you have any questions or want me to delve into more detail, just shoot me an email!

Yours Truly, 
Steph @ Calamity Layne
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dress - Target / sweater - Forever 21+ / belt - Torrid / tights - We Love Colors / earrings - Tarina Tarantino / shoes - Sears

I like how I seriously look like I'm looking at someone else in the room, even though it's just me and a self timer, looking like a dork.  Do you like my new bangs?  Last time I visited Megan at Floyd's and she re-colored my hair, I had her cut my bangs crookedy.  I kind of love them.  You might have noticed them already in my smoky eye tutorial last week!

So, this is an outfit that I wore on a Monday.  I think it was a subconscious effort to make the week seem less awful.  Like if I dress cheerfully, the rest would follow?  Once I got to school, I realized that my rainbow outfit was actually a CMYK outfit!  I thought that was kind of funny, even though no one else noticed this fact.  I did get some "hey I like your tights" style comments though.

This Target dress is the white/yellow version of the all-black one that I wore here.  I think I might have shrunk the length a little though, because the yellowy underlayer didn't used to stick out so much.  Thank goodness I always wear bike shorts under my dresses, because this dress did feel a little bit short all day...

Close-up of my dress lace.  Or, this is the viewpoint if you're me looking down wearing the same outfit.  My sweater is really bright.  But it's fuzzy, so in these cold months it feels good to wear.

I also wore my Tarina Tarantino earrings today.  These are one of my most all-time favorite pairs of earrings that I own.  Surprisingly, I hadn't worn them in a while.  I seriously love Tarina Tarantino.  I wish I had more money to grow my collection, but it's a little bit pricey for me.  Maybe that's why I love my Tarina pieces so much - because I don't have very many, so I can really enjoy the few that I do own!

I topped off my colorful outfit with colorful rainbow eyeshadow.  It doesn't look super bright in the photos, but trust me, it was plenty bright...!  I used a white shadow under the brows, a light pink shadow in the inner corners, a bright yellow on the center of the lids, and a baby blue on the outer corners.  Rainbow-riffic!

I'm still not sure if this outfit was a little too crazy, even for me.  I liked it, but I felt a little out of place having nothing black on this day!  And even more out of the ordinary, I didn't spill anything on it!

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Angel Food Bakery: a field trip/baby meet-up!

I meet some of my most awesome friends online, and several times I've had my online friends turn into the in-person kind.  Lisa and Gunnar are two such people!  Lisa makes yummy stuff, and has an Etsy shop (currently on hiatus) to sell her treats.  Gunnar is her adorable little red-headed son, who was born only 10 days after Iggy!  We decided to meet up at Angel Food Bakery in Chicago, where Lisa used to work.

Angel Food is not only a bakery, but a cafe as well, so we met up for lunch.  Gunnar and Iggy snacked on Cheerios and fruit snacks, while I had the Mediterranean Tuna sandwich (I have a thing for tuna, I can hardly ever pass it up!) and Lisa had the Wild Mushroom Cake.  The food was delicious, and the store is so cute!  Of course, the fact that Lisa knows everyone who works there personally didn't hurt!  Everyone came out and said hello and visited with us.

After lunch, Stephanie, the owner, brought us a delicious treat for dessert.  It had roasted pears, thyme caramel, a tiny dense cake, and whipped cream - oh man it was so good and I can't even remember all the good ingredients to describe it accurately...!!! But I've never had anything like it and it was so so good!

Angel Food Bakery even has a little play area for kids, which has mostly baking-themed toys like tiny pans and baking tools.  Gunnar and Iggy were mesmerized by the foam puzzles, though.  I love these photos below of them playing - especially the photo directly below where Gunnar looks like he's in the middle of telling Iggy a story!

Everything about Gunnar is so darn cute!  From his red faux-hawk to his Johnny Cash shirt, rolled up jeans, and skull shoes - I wanted to eat him up!

Angel Food Bakery is located at 1636 Montrose in Chicago.  Phone 773-728-1512

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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