Purple and Black

dress - Torrid / tights - We Love Colors / tank - Torrid / shoes - sketchers / belt - Torrid / glasses - Coastal.com

So, my lack of free time at home has now got me taking outfit photos at work during my off-time.  So, here's the art room... Well, just the back corner of it.  I always feel weird doing photos at work, like someone's going to walk in and be all "hey there weirdo, why are you taking photos of yourself?  you know you're not a model, right?" and then I have to try to explain the idea behind everything and they still don't understand and just think I'm a weirdo...

Well, I guess I kind of am a weirdo, but not a creeper weirdo.  Whatever, I think you know what I mean.

I bought this dress for my grandmother's wake.  Always a fun time.  I figured I could "happy" it up a bit to wear to work by pairing it up with these tights (I love We Love Colors plus-sized tights) and a purple tank.

The full shots don't really do the dress any justice.  It's made of black lace with a solid black layer underneath.  It originally came with a brown belt, but I'm reallyreallyreally not a fan of brown, so I think I threw it out when I got home.  A different dress I bought at Torrid came with this skinny black belt, so I used it instead.  I've also worn this dress with my black bow belt from Torrid.

You can see a close-up of the dress lace below:

My shoes are from Sketchers, they're like sneaker mary jane ballet flats.  I bought them when I was pregnant simply for comfort's sake, and they're one of the few pairs of shoes that can fit my insoles and still feel pretty darn comfortable.  So although a different pair of shoes may have looked "better" with this outfit, I went for comfort today and I still think I did ok.

My hair really badly needs to be re-purpled in these pics.  I just bought myself some more Pravana from  Image Beauty online, so I'll go ahead and touch it up myself before the next official visit with Megan at Floyd's.

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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  1. You look great. I'm jealous because I ran to torrid to try this dress on after seeing it on the website. It looked awful on me...I don't really have a dress bod...loving the tights tooL

    1. That's funny, because I would say that I don't have a "pants" bod...!!!


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