Old and New!

You might be thinking, "what the heck?!"  Right about now.  Yeah, it's the Hell Razor blog, re-named and revamped for our new joint blog venture between myself and Steph from Calamity Layne!  You may have noticed that she's been kind of a regular weekly poster here, so we're making our partnership OFFICIAL.

Steph will still be selling as/at Calamity Layne, and I'll still be selling as/at Hell Razor, but our blog/joint business venture will be under our NEW name: Betties N Brimstone!

You may need to re-direct your browser to www.bettiesnbrimstone.com, as the www.hellrazorart.com address will soon be re-directed straight to my etsy shop (so it's not going away 100%)... but if you wanna get super technical, it all just redirects to the blogger/blogspot address anyways, so you may not need to do a thing.  But FYI, just in case... you've been warned!

Also, for you design-types out there, I'll be tweaking some blog layout/design elements slowly but surely over the next few weeks, too.  In fact, this header is just a stand-in until our official header is finalized.  But I wanted to get the name out there.

There's already a link to us under our new name over at Domino Dollhouse, so that's awesome.

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor

p.s. We're also still in the process of sorting through what to call our various social media sites, like Twitter and Tumblr and such.  So don't panic if you see a name switch up on there, too!  It's still me!

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