Iggy @ 1 Year!

To the disappointment of all the Pinterest ladies out there, I did not have a gigantic "themed" birthday party for Iggy's 1st birthday.  In fact, I kind of did the opposite.  On the night of his birthday, Todd and I gave him a mini cupcake to eat.

Then, two days later, we had a party at a restaurant, but I made it strictly "family-only" and it still ended up being 20+ people!  I had fun picking out a few fun decorations (it boiled down to Ugly Dolls vs Yo Gabba Gabba - I went with the Ugly Dolls theme since it was simple and cute) like party hats and napkins.  I also bought a few small balloon clusters for the tables, but that was it!

I have a student from the local high school that works with me in the art room for a couple of periods a day, and her mom is an awesome baker, so I ordered cupcakes for Iggy's birthday instead of a traditional cake.  Then I didn't have to worry about things like a "smash cake" or having the cake cut up for everyone.  Super easy.

The other thing to consider is that a big party means a LOT of gifts.  Unnecessary gifts.  Big toys and stuff.  We have a modest-sized house, and not a lot of room for toys.  We definitely don't have a play room - just our living room and a basement hangout, so Iggy has to share these spaces with the adults, and I'm really concerned about being overrun with kid stuff.  Not a fan.  I love my child, but my life is not my child's life.  I'm still an independent person with my own interests and hobbies, too!  So we all need our space!

Even with our "small" party, Iggy ended up with a lot of very generous gifts: toys, clothes, books, and money.  Some of the stuff I even put up in his closet for a later date/rainy day.  We had a great time, and it was nice to have so much family all together in the same room.

Oh, I didn't mention our restaurant!  We held the party at Wolf's Head Restaurant and Bar in Indian Head Park.  It's actually the same place where we had our rehearsal dinner before our wedding!  The food there is so good - I don't think I've ever had anything that I didn't like!  It's also our go-to place for special nights out, or anniversaries.  It's not super fancy or anything, it's just casual and comfortable and cozy.  Everyone that works there is super nice and friendly, and they give you bowls of popcorn at your table (you know, that kind of place!).

So, I'd also like to talk about Iggy in this post, and where he is now at 1 year old.  He STILL only has his two bottom teeth!  I've been so hopeful for what feels like months now, but no luck. (Edit - Iggy's two front teeth are just now starting to poke through!  Yayy!)

I like to read back and see where Iggy was the last time I posted... looks like he had just started to stand last time.  Well, now he's full-on walking.  He started to really take his first few steps at my grandmother's wake at the end of December.  But he's all over the place now!  He's also begun echoing the noises we make, which is pretty darn hilarious.  He even says "MAMAMAMAMA" sometimes and I'll answer, "Yes?" but I'm not so sure he realizes that he's calling me.

One of my favorite new Iggy moves is his "dancing," which is where he spins in a circle a few times to music.  The first time I saw it I was really freaked out, like "what the heck is the baby doing?!" but it was also really funny.  Iggy sleeps usually pretty well through the night, but he's been, um, testing us lately, trying to cry and scream to get us to come in and hold him, but then he screams when we put him back in the crib (even after he's fallen back asleep).  So, we've been letting him cry it out a little, and things have been improving.  Tonight he actually went down and didn't cry at all, so yayy!

Even though Iggy only has two teeth, I'm enjoying trying to give him new foods.  He really likes fake chicken nuggets (Morningstar Farms is our fave), and most anything you can puree in the baby bullet that's not green.  Well, except avocado.  I do a lot of avocado-banana purees, and he seems to love those.  His favorite food seems to be slices of American cheese, broken up into little bits.  Also, applesauce and yogurt.  And most of all, anything I am currently eating.  Geez.  Can a girl catch a break?

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor

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    1. Thanks - it actually took me a while to pick out my favorites to put into the collage - there were so many!!!

  2. You are much more sane than I. I do blame Pinterest and peer pressure for my insanity but I did love my crazy Star Wars soirée. I think next year I'm going your route. And like you I put some toys away for the future.

    1. Hey, no judgement here. I was jealous of your amazing setup! I knew I'd never be able to pull anything like that off, so I tend to go the complete opposite. It's a whole mental wrestling match with myself, like "hey I know I won't be successful at this, so I'll purposely do the opposite and be all 'I meant to do that!' ha ha"

      Plus, my family always has huge parties every year, so it's a bit of a rebellious thing too, I think...!!!


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