Coordinating Vintage Pieces into Outfits

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So you have a few vintage pieces in your wardrobe, but how do you incorporate them into your every day look? Here are a few tips for adding that vintage touch to your outfits!

Don't be Afraid to Layer
You can layer modern and vintage pieces together to create a unique and interesting outfit! In my case,
I like to wear 50s dresses and 90s grandpa cardigans and some leggings in wt winter. For summer, I often sport a 60s shift dress with a modern cardigan and some flats.

 photo blogstudio_zps1aa31a96.jpg

Color Coordinate Your Closet
If you're in a hurry and are having a hard time putting together an outfit with all of your thrift store finds, try color coordinating your closet! I have all of my dresses, cardigans, and skirts hung up according to color. It will help you to coordinate an outfit in a pinch!

 photo blogcloset_zps8c694a13.jpg

Vintage Accessories
If you are having a hard time finding many vintage pieces in your size, try accessorizing any outfit with a vintage scarf, necklace, or purse. You can satisfy your vintage craving with these little guys until you can find that perfect piece for your closet!

 photo braceletblog_zpseb7d6176.jpg

Stay tuned for more tips on coordinating your vintage pieces!

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