Red Lipstick

adventure time shirt - Torrid / sweater - Forever 21+ / jeans - Lane Bryant / headband - Domino Dollhouse

I ordered a bunch of new sweaters from Forever 21+ just before Christmas, so I'm excited to pair them with dresses and t-shirts and jeans.  I used to have a white sweater with red hearts from Forever 21 (in a smaller size *coughtootightnowcough*) but the red bled onto the white areas, which totally sucked.  So I'm glad to have this black and gray one - much more my color scheme anyways!

Also, I was super excited to find an Adventure Time t-shirt at Torrid!  Last time I was there shopping, they had a WAY better selection of t-shirts than ever before, so yayy!  Keep it up, Torrid!  Lastly, these are my new bootcut jeans from Lane Bryant, but it's sad because I love them and just now that I found them, I discover that they're being discontinued.  Geez.  NOT EVERYONE WANTS SKINNY JEANS, PEOPLE!!!

I don't care if you think I'm out of style.  I want my bootcut jeans and I stand by my opinion that PEPLUMS SUCK.  So you won't see one of those here.  What's up with the unflattering fashion trends???!!!

Let's talk about makeup, okay?  Way more fun:

I bought this Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Colorcrayon for one reason only: the name.  Um, it's called "F-Bomb!!!"  Yes please.  But I really like red lipstick anyways so I knew it would work out.

I love lipstick, but I put it on in the morning and then forget I'm wearing it.  I fail to apply it again ever during the day.  The first time I eat or drink, I see that I have lipstick on and I wipe it all off in order to avoid the weird "half lipstick" look, and then I forget to reapply.  Hence, no lipstick for the day.  So I usually don't even bother, even though I love the look.  But here for outfit photos it looks like I wear it all the time, NBD...

And the daily eye:

Hmm... I should take better notes on my photos.  I can't remember what eyeshadow this is.  Some kind of blue on the outer corners?  Eh, it's not that bright, so I guess it doesn't really matter.  Same liquid liner cat eye.  I did a good job on the line this day.

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  1. I love that sweater and wowza on the cat eyeliner! I can never get my lines that nice!

    1. Last time I was at Target, I looked for more eyeliner and I couldn't find it! Now I'm scared it's been discontinued! Oh no!

  2. I adore the flash of colour in yer hair!


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