Easy Couch Makeover Idea

Today I'd like to share a super simple way to freshen up your living space in under five minutes and fifty bucks!

The couch is typically the focal point of your living room - it's (in most cases) the biggest piece of furniture and serves a variety of functions: sitting relaxing, watching tv, reading, napping, jungle gym... wait, maybe just at my house...

Our couch is a pretty large "L" shaped piece.  It's a nice neutral bluish-gray color, and our walls are bright blue (for more information on our living room space, see my living room house tour post).  For a long time, we've had pillows in teal blue and zebra-print on the couch, along with a blue crocheted zig-zag blanket.  Everything was comfy, but I began to realize all the blue... it got to be a little stale.

We were shopping around at IKEA the other day (picking up picture frames... but it's kind of like Target in the sense that even if you go for one thing, you always end up with a bunch more?) and I spotted the perfect solution!  A pair of black and white graphic patterned pillows and a bold black and white striped throw.

It instantly updates and refreshes the space!  The teal pillows, which were pretty worn (the zipper was broken, too) were thrown away, but the zebra pillows found a new home downstairs.  I packed away Todd's zig-zag striped blanket for extra chilly nights, when one blanket just isn't enough.

The new striped throw was only $19.99, and the pillows (not found on site, see similar here) were $12.99 each!  That means the whole space was updated for under $50!  Woo hoo!

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