Ouija Bored.

t-shirt - Torrid / cardigan - JC Penney / jeans - Lane Bryant / shoes - Journeys / headband - Domino Dollhouse

Can I just say how super super excited I was to find this t-shirt at Torrid?  Way back before Christmas, I had gone on a mini shopping spree at Torrid (thanks Mom!) and earned a bunch of those "spend $50, get $25 off" coupons.  So when I went back just a couple of weekends ago to use some of those puppies up, this t-shirt was sitting in a pile just inside the door when I walked in!  YESSSSSSS.

I also picked up this turquoise cardigan at JC Penney in their "plus size" (aka ugly) section for only $10.  Another super lucky find.  I hate the JC Penney plus size section.  Because typically 99.9% of the clothes are super ugly (in case you couldn't glean that from the first sentence of this paragraph).  Why can't us fat girls look cute, too?  Why does everything need to be elastic waistband and old lady and lame?  GET WITH IT, PEOPLE!

- end rant -

I wore my Domino Dollhouse headband for the first time at work today.  Got lots of compliments.

Here's something fun you might not know about me: I like to wear ridiculous tall socks (preferably of the stripey variety) under my jeans where no one ever sees them.  I also do this under my boots.  Today, I let you take a peek:

My mother-in-law bought these for me for Christmas.  They absolutely do NOT match with my Wonder Woman Converse, but I don't care.

P.S. Tomorrow is Iggy's 1st birthday!  I can't believe it's been a year already!  Expect a photo-laden 1 year post soon. :)

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor
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Vintage Dress for the Derby

dress - vintage / cardigan - Torrid / tights - we love colors / shoes - old (sears?) / belt - Torrid / flower pin - hell razor

So I decided that I needed to find a "cool" outfit to wear to the roller derby while I was vending, and this vintage 80's heart print dress was the perfect thing!  Stephanie actually found it at our last thrifting trip and sent it my way.  I know it was less than $5 (how awesome!).  But it was a lot longer (well, Im short, so everything tends to be "longer" on me).  I used my very minimal sewing skills to shorten the hem - so proud of myself!  I think I took off something like seven inches of length!

Okay, to be honest, I ended up making it a little bit too short.  I left myself an inch for hem allowance, but I think I used a little more.  No matter - I always wear shorts under my dresses when I wear tights because I always end up having to sit on the floor or climb up something, so wearing shorts is like an insurance policy from embarrassment.

I absolutely love the heart print on this dress!  It has an elastic waist, so I put on my bow belt from Torrid (it used to have a tulle layer on the bow, but I pulled it off) to cover the elastic.  I like a red/black/white combination, so the red sweater seemed natural.  I decided to go a little out of my comfort zone with the teal tights though, and I'm really glad that I did!

Plus, it gave me the opportunity to wear my Hell Razor blue and pink sugar skull combination hair clip/pin as a fun corsage on my sweater.

This was also the first time I wore "regular" shoes out in a very long time!  These shoes are a favorite pair of mine, because they're comfy but also give my legs the same effect as wearing heels.  I think I bought them at Sears at least three years ago.  I bought a similar pair about a year and a half ago with the intent of replacing this pair, but they just weren't the same, so I ended up keeping these.  The sole is peeling away at the bottom, although you can't tell from this pic!

This day's hair turned out pretty well.  I even clipped in my blue streaks (see above left) just for fun that night.  I've been thinking of buying some other clip-in pieces in assorted colors to mix with my purple streak, too.  Like red-violet or pink or turquoise?

Oh no!  My cat eye liner is a little bit off - can you tell?  Oh well.  The shadow turned out nice!  It's a yellow shadow from MAC and the turquoise shadow ("Too Dolly") from the Hello Kitty MAC shadow palette of the same name.  Have I mentioned how much I loved the Hello Kitty for MAC line?  I even wore the lipstick today, too (it's called "Big Bow" and it's a beautiful bright pink!).  It's getting so low now, I don't know what I'll do when its all gone!

Sad trombone.

Rock on,
Jen @ Hell Razor.
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Vintage Shopping: Where to start?!

Finding vintage is fairly easy if you know where to look! This post is designated to help you find what you’re looking for a little more easily.

“I am really interested in adding vintage pieces to my wardrobe, but I don’t know where to start!”

Start Small! When you're looking to expand your wardrobe with vintage, start with some truly classic pieces and work your way up! Maybe look into a black 50s pencil skirt or a white 70s peasant blouse. Try them out at the office or on a weekend outing and see if you like how they look.

You can find vintage in many different places, it all depends on how much effort you want to put into finding it and your budget.

First, we must assess how you like to shop! Which one do you identify with the most?

1) Do you like to run in, find what you’re looking for with minimal effort, & then run out? If so, you’re a Vintage Store Vixen

2) Do you hate trying things on? Would you rather avoid the crowds and shop online? If so, you’re a
Cyber Chic Chick

3) Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt? AKA: sifting through racks and racks of clothing for maybe one or two treasures? If so, you’re a Fashionable Fanatic

I’m a Vintage Store Vixen!
You know what you want and you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to find it. The best option for you is to check out your local vintage or antique store. Vintage store arrange clothing a number of ways. From S, M, L to decade you can easily select items you would like to try on and you can be in and out in no time.

If you’re on a budget:
If you dig online shopping, Etsy could be an easy way for you to find what you’re looking for. Shipping is usually pretty prompt depending on what country you or the seller lives in.
Check out any vintage store in your area. To find the closest vintage store to you can always Google to find the nearest store OR check out this stellar US Vintage Directory. It’s organized by state.

If money is no object:
Local Antique stores – here is another directory Locally owned consignment shops tend to have a few unique vintage finds
Take a trip to Austin! They have some of the coolest vintage stores I’ve ever been to. Lots of selection and each shop ranges in price

I’m A Cyber Chic Chick!
You love the ease of buying with one click of the mouse and the anticipation of waiting to receive your new items in the mail. It’s like Christmas every time you check your mailbox! OR maybe you just hate crowds and fussing with long checkout lines…Whatever the case, online shopping may be your favorite mode of finding fantastic fashions!
If you're on a budget:
Check out ModCloth they have an array of vintage styles and also true vintage, but you’ve gotta be quick! Of course Etsy is the obvious choice for vintage excellence AND they have accessible home d├ęcor and accessories as well
Decades Vintage - some pretty awesome finds at pretty reasonable prices. It just depends on what you’re looking for
Etsy, of course!

If money is no object:
Blue Velvet Vintage They also sell reproductions
She’s a Betty – a directory of online vintage stores by price range

I’m a Fashionable Fanatic!
You want to learn all you can about vintage clothing. Maybe you have an interest in history or you work in the fashion industry. Maybe you are just looking for a new hobby…whatever the case; you love the thrill of the hunt.

If you’re on a budget:
  • Thrifting: You will need to do a little bit of research on vintage before you go sifting through thrift stores, but they are definitely the best place to find vintage clothing at cheap prices. Check out your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. OH! And make sure you check out your local thrift stores. 
  • Estate Sales: Just make sure you get there early!
  • Etsy: it’s really easy to find cheap vintage on Etsy, but it will take some searching know-how to find what you want!
  • Garage/Rummage Sales – You can find some killer stuff and garage sales. 
If money is no object:
Vintage stores
Antique stores
Estate auctions

Yours Truly,
Steph @ Calamity Layne

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KISS + Hello Kitty

KISS + Hello Kitty t-shirt - Torrid / cardigan - Torrid / jeans - Lane Bryant / earrings - Calamity Layne

See the crazy clamp light next to my head?  I was photographing some new flowers and didn't feel like cleaning up, so there ya go.

I bought this Kiss + Hello Kitty t-shirt at Torrid (remember I told you they had really good t-shirts before the holidays?) and I bought a couple of solid color cardigans the same day.  I love how these cardigans fit, but they get real pilly really fast. "Pilly?" Is that proper grammar?  I don't know.  Anyway, I found this tip for removing sweater pills and I was off shaving some of my cardigans for like an hour today.


...but it actually worked!  So, we'll see how long it lasts before I have to repeat the process again.

Here's a close-up of the t-shirt.  I tried to take a photo that wasn't all awkward close-up of my chest.  That would be weird.

My earrings were gifted to me by Stephanie!  She sells similar items in her Calamity Layne shop, although she is best known for her awesome vintage selection.  I'd been eyeballing these awesome skull earrings for a while now, so I was super excited when they showed up in my Christmas gift!

And the eye makeup of the day:

I've realized that my eyeshadow color does not show up very well in my photos.  Hmm.  Today was yellow with turquoise accents on the outer corners.  I even added a bit of teal eyeliner (I like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil) under my eye, but it's a little hard to tell.

Any tips for photographing makeup?  Lemme know!

Rock on, Jen @ Hell Razor.

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We Love the Roller Derby!

We had so much fun at the roller derby!  A couple of Sundays ago (the 13th, to be exact) we were invited to vend at the Aurora 88's derby bout.  It was so awesome that we're going to go back next month to vend again on the 17th of February!

Watching the girls skate made me miss roller skating so much!  I wanted to jump out onto the track (knowing virtually nothing about roller derby!) and skate with them!

Below is Stephanie hanging out at the Hell Razor table.  I think we put out a pretty good spread!

I made a ton of new flowers and even a few new jewelry pieces, too!  Check out my new dessert stand turned display piece, and my vintage pastel blue ashtray, also a nice little display dish for bobby pins...

Stephanie brought a bunch of her earrings as well.  Check out her cool revolving square stand - I love it!  I chose to display my earring cards right out on the table instead of using my bulletin board screen.  It would have blocked our view of the bout!

It was really nice to be able to vend and also watch the game unfold from a primo vantage point!  I really enjoyed watching.

During halftime there's always entertainment!  This bout featured belly dance.  They provided dance moves to a variety of different music.  It was inspiring to watch.

Want to know more? This troupe is called Real Women Bellydance.

Rock on,  Jen @ Hell Razor.

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Let's Talk About Dating!

Hello There!
Happy Valentine's Day!...early!!! I'm going to talk to you guys about dating!....Sorry, I'm not talking about that hot new guy at the coffee shop, I'm talking about dating your vintage items! Do you have a hard time figuring out what decade an item came from? Is this shirt from the 60s or is it 80s does 60s?

Dating is not always an easy task (no matter what meaning we're talking about here...). Just like a jerk dude, sometimes a dress is not always what it seems! It can look like it's from the 50s, but is really form the 70s. So, how can you tell if something is as old as you think it is? Here are a few quick tips on what to look for to date your item!

Metal Zippers - Metal zippers are a good way to tell if your item is vintage. The position of the zipper is super important. Usually, garments from the 50s have zippers up the side instead of up the back. Also, they didn't start using zippers until the 30s, so if your garment is snaps and buttons only it MAY be from before the 30s. Also, keep in mind that even if the zipper is not metal, you may still have a vintage item. Someone might have had to replace the zipper.

"Union Made" Tags - “Union Made” ILGWU (International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union) tags will help you date a garment super quick! The ILGWU split into different unions throughout time which resulted in different tag types. I found a timeline on EBay!

1900 – 1936 ILGWU AFL
1936 – 1940 ILGWU CIO
1940 – 1955 ILGWU AFL
1955 – 1995 ILGWU AFL-CIO
1975-1992 – Look for the Union Label campaign
1995 – 2004 UNITE!

You can see a great example of the different types of tags on the Vintage Fashion Guild Website.

Labels - Labels are probably the best way to judge how old a piece is. Study the font and style of the label. You can check out the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource. You can search by brand to find info on your label.

Care Labels - If a garment lacks a sewn in care instructions label, we know that the piece was made before 1971. Before 71, if a garment was not hand made it sometimes came with a care manual, but it was not sewn in.

Polyester - Polyester was invented in 1941, but was not used as clothing material until the 50s. So, if your garment is made from polyester, it's 50s +.

You will get better at dating with time and experience...kind of like actual dating...You'll be able to spot a phony from a mile away with a little practice! So go thrifting and try out your new found knowledge!

Need more tips or have more questions?? Check out the Vintage Fashion Guild's Tips and Tricks Section!

Yours Truly, Steph @ Calamity Layne

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Heavy Metal Dreamcatcher

Okay, this is a project I've had in my brain for a while now, and I've been working on it for the last couple of weeks.  It's a prototype for possible future products in the Hell Razor store (heh - it's the teacher in me to always do a "sample" first!).  I ended up giving this dreamcatcher to Todd for his music studio space, but I see a possibility of more to come in the future...!!!

I'm really NOT into dreamcatchers as a general idea.  I thought they were really cool back in middle school, but now it's kind of hippy-dippy whatever (in my humble opinion, you don't need to agree with me, it's ok).  But the idea to make a dreamcatcher with a pentagram was really humorous in my head (you know, that alternate universe where you find things funny but the rest of the world just kind of looks at you like "hey weirdo...").  I also thought an anarchy dreamcatcher would be really funny, too.

So here's the deal: you can buy all of the supplies, like a hoop and the suede cording and junk, at most craft stores (I got mine at Michaels).  When you create your "web" for the dreams to become caught in, you just make it NOT a web, and instead a pentagram or whatever else you might think looks neat-o.

(In case you haven't caught on yet, this is NOT a detailed DIY post...)

This is more of an inspiration post, an idea you might wish to try on your own.  If you do make one, share in the comments below because I'd love to see what you come up with!  If not, no worries, I think that eventually a few of these babies may pop up in the Hell Razor shop (albeit maybe not until the summer when I have more time on my hands...), but you could always wait around and snag one then, too.

Of course, if you really truly can't wait and want me to make you one, lemme know if you're interested in a custom listing or something.  That just might motivate me to get my butt in gear!

Rock on - Jen.

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Online dress shopping, and stripey shoes!

dress - ASOS curve / glasses - Coastal.com / shoes - Payless
Over Christmas break, I decided to treat myself with a little shopping.  I placed my first ever order with ASOS Curve, and I'm super happy how it turned out!  I bought this knit sweater dress with a lace collar (it was on sale!), and another dress that I'll be sure to feature soon!

So, let's talk about these major awesome shoes.  These are not new.  These are shoes I purchased way back when the Alice + Olivia for Payless collection came out (2010 I think?!), but I rarely have occasions to wear them.  And they're high heels.  So, I didn't actually wear them out this day.  I just wore them for the photos because I love them and WOULD wear them out if I didn't have stupid feet.

Stupid feet.

Aren't these shoes fantastic though?  Probably one of my all-time favorite pairs.

Close-up of the dress.  No makeup shots today, because I wore my glasses.  I've kind of discovered that if I do go all-out on my makeup but I wear my glasses, you can't even tell.  So I typically go kind of neutral with shadows and just do a regular black eyeliner (no winged liner).  Today is also one of those days where I just forgot to do the lipstick thing (see my post re: lipstick).

I love this dress because it looks like a Wednesday Addams dress.  And you know me, all things gawth.

Rock on - Jen.

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this weekend!

If you’re in the Aurora, IL area on January 13th, have 12 bucks, and want to see something awesome…Come on out to the Aurora Skate Center, 34W113 Montgomery Road in Aurora, IL!!!

We'll be vending flowers and jewelry and stuff at the Aurora 88s roller derby bout! The bout starts at 7PM and should be one of the sweetest things you’ve ever seen! So, don’t miss out! Come see some ladies kick ass and take names on and off the track!

There will be special Hell Razor flowers for sale in custom colors for the derby teams and the overall league, along with some of the usual awesome goods.  Because of this special event, the Etsy shop will go into vacation mode for the weekend.  I'll be back afterwards though, listing any goodies left over!


Love, Steph and Jen
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Red Lipstick

adventure time shirt - Torrid / sweater - Forever 21+ / jeans - Lane Bryant / headband - Domino Dollhouse

I ordered a bunch of new sweaters from Forever 21+ just before Christmas, so I'm excited to pair them with dresses and t-shirts and jeans.  I used to have a white sweater with red hearts from Forever 21 (in a smaller size *coughtootightnowcough*) but the red bled onto the white areas, which totally sucked.  So I'm glad to have this black and gray one - much more my color scheme anyways!

Also, I was super excited to find an Adventure Time t-shirt at Torrid!  Last time I was there shopping, they had a WAY better selection of t-shirts than ever before, so yayy!  Keep it up, Torrid!  Lastly, these are my new bootcut jeans from Lane Bryant, but it's sad because I love them and just now that I found them, I discover that they're being discontinued.  Geez.  NOT EVERYONE WANTS SKINNY JEANS, PEOPLE!!!

I don't care if you think I'm out of style.  I want my bootcut jeans and I stand by my opinion that PEPLUMS SUCK.  So you won't see one of those here.  What's up with the unflattering fashion trends???!!!

Let's talk about makeup, okay?  Way more fun:

I bought this Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Colorcrayon for one reason only: the name.  Um, it's called "F-Bomb!!!"  Yes please.  But I really like red lipstick anyways so I knew it would work out.

I love lipstick, but I put it on in the morning and then forget I'm wearing it.  I fail to apply it again ever during the day.  The first time I eat or drink, I see that I have lipstick on and I wipe it all off in order to avoid the weird "half lipstick" look, and then I forget to reapply.  Hence, no lipstick for the day.  So I usually don't even bother, even though I love the look.  But here for outfit photos it looks like I wear it all the time, NBD...

And the daily eye:

Hmm... I should take better notes on my photos.  I can't remember what eyeshadow this is.  Some kind of blue on the outer corners?  Eh, it's not that bright, so I guess it doesn't really matter.  Same liquid liner cat eye.  I did a good job on the line this day.

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Thrifty Tips for Your Wedding!

Hey guys! It’s nice to see you all again!

Woo! Dave and I have officially been married 2 years! Our anniversary is Jan. 9th and to celebrate, I thought I would share some thrifty tips for your wedding, or your next big event!

Thrifty Tip #1 - Venues
I’m pretty sure the 2 most expensive words in the world are “wedding” and “baby.” So when you’re looking into venues and dates, think outside the box! We got married at Portage Theatre in Chicago because my husband studied theatre and I wanted an interesting vintage venue. It was perfect!

Also, consider having your wedding on an "off" date. Since most places up their prices starting in the spring, try looking into getting married during the fall or winter. We got married in January on a Sunday and our venue only cost us $800 for the whole day! We had unlimited seating and an in-house sound system. We were able to create playlists for all of our music, before, during and after the ceremony. That cuts our your DJ costs and people still dance!

Thrifty Tip #2 - Make Stuff!
I was a busy bee in the weeks before my wedding. I made our invitations, RSVP cards, and programs with some card stock, an inkjet printer, and a paper cutter. I think the whole project cost us maybe $50. I made the guys’ boutonnieres from peacock feathers, flower tape, ribbon, hot glue, and some buttons which cost about $20. Cupcake Tree makes some great sturdy cardboard stands. I used one of their stands to make our cupcake stand. I used wrapping paper, hot glue, spray adhesive, and ribbon. The whole project cost about $50.

Thrifty Tip #3 - Alternate Bouquets
Instead of spending tons of money on flowers that wilt faster than you can say, “I DO,” try carrying something different down the aisle. I made our bouquets out of tissue paper napkin rings from Etsy, $2 styrofoam bouquet handles, and a few pieces of Christmas tree fillers from JoAnne Fabrics.
Some other ideas are:
  • Felt flowers with button centers 
  • Colorful spiral Lillipops held together by ribbon 
  • Pinecones glued onto a bouquet handle with some ribbon (cute for winter) 
  • Bunches of colorful feathers 
  • Pinwheels 
Thrifty Tip #4 - Skip the Sit Down Dinner
We had our wedding after dinnertime and informed everyone on the invite that we would only have finger foods and cocktails at the wedding. Before the wedding, guests were welcomed to get popcorn and candy from the concession stand. We ordered veggie trays and cheese and meat trays from Portillo’s for afterwards. We also had an open bar and cupcakes. No one gave us any crap and we saved a LOT of cash!

I hope this was helpful! Feel free to comment with any questions or ideas that worked for you at your wedding!

Yours Truly,

Steph from Calamity Layne

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Outfit Post #2 - on a roll!

Hey, did you enjoy meeting Stephanie on Friday? Isn't she awesome? I'm so excited that she's going to be a regular feature here on the blog! Stephanie and I have some major fun plans in the works, so stay tuned for some fun and exciting new announcements right here at this very spot!

Look at me, being all regular with my outfit posts (as in... two so far!).  I have quickly learned that I have a tendency to look over to the left when I'm taking photos...  What the heck is she looking at?!

leopard shirt - Torrid / skinny jeans - Torrid / purple tank - Torrid / socks - xmas gift, similar @ Hot Topic

This is what I wore on New Year's day.  I decided to get a little fancy for hanging out and try curling the ends of my hair.  I really like how it turned out, but unsure if the time it takes makes it worth it on any kind of regular basis...

My leopard sweatshirty-top is see-through!  It's hard to tell when I'm wearing it (that's why I like it...), but if I hold it out like this, you can see it:

So I mix up what color I wear underneath it.  Today is purple.  The funnest part of my outfit though is my socks.  I'm still perfecting the art of the self-timer to take my outfit shots, so I keep cutting off my own feet.  In time, this will improve.  But let's focus on the socks, ok?

My brother bought me these for Christmas, and they're Adventure Time socks!  You may be thinking "but, Jen, these do not match!"- but that is precisely the point!  It was a pack of 10 individual socks that do not "match" any other socks in the set, so you mix them up however you want!  Genius!

So today I picked my two favorite princesses: Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess.

For today's eyes, I kept with my trusty liquid liner cat-eye (Tip: I use Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyelinerbecause of the felt-tip applicator.  So inexpensive and so easy to use!), but I used pink in the center and purple on the outer corners of the lids.  Purple is kind of my go-to color.  You know, matches the hair.

So, this upcoming weekend is going to be super exciting, as I'm vending at my first roller derby match on Sunday night! If you come, you can not only meet me, but Stephanie too because she's coming with to help me lug and sell all my stuff!  I'm even going to have special items themed for the derby teams, so come if you can!  Full deets on my previous blog post here.

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Easy Couch Makeover Idea

Today I'd like to share a super simple way to freshen up your living space in under five minutes and fifty bucks!

The couch is typically the focal point of your living room - it's (in most cases) the biggest piece of furniture and serves a variety of functions: sitting relaxing, watching tv, reading, napping, jungle gym... wait, maybe just at my house...

Our couch is a pretty large "L" shaped piece.  It's a nice neutral bluish-gray color, and our walls are bright blue (for more information on our living room space, see my living room house tour post).  For a long time, we've had pillows in teal blue and zebra-print on the couch, along with a blue crocheted zig-zag blanket.  Everything was comfy, but I began to realize all the blue... it got to be a little stale.

We were shopping around at IKEA the other day (picking up picture frames... but it's kind of like Target in the sense that even if you go for one thing, you always end up with a bunch more?) and I spotted the perfect solution!  A pair of black and white graphic patterned pillows and a bold black and white striped throw.

It instantly updates and refreshes the space!  The teal pillows, which were pretty worn (the zipper was broken, too) were thrown away, but the zebra pillows found a new home downstairs.  I packed away Todd's zig-zag striped blanket for extra chilly nights, when one blanket just isn't enough.

The new striped throw was only $19.99, and the pillows (not found on site, see similar here) were $12.99 each!  That means the whole space was updated for under $50!  Woo hoo!

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Hi There!

I’m Stephanie from Calamity Layne and I am super excited to be guest posting on Hell Razor!

I wanted to introduce myself because I will be guest posting on Hell Razor at least once a week to fulfill all of your vintage and unique fashion needs! I’ll be here for you through all your dress dilemmas and outfit outrages...OH! And I’m always good for some random weird posts too! So, keep your eyes peeled because Jen and I are collaborating on some pretty sweet new stuff as well!

Let me tell you a little about myself! My husband Dave and I live in the vast suburbs of Chicago. He’s a bartending musician and I work some lame 9 to 5 job by day. However, by night I am furiously measuring, taking pictures, and writing posts because I run my very own vintage store on Etsy called Calamity Layne!

I’ve always loved and worn vintage clothing, but I only discovered that I wanted to own my own shop a few years ago. I also have an intense love of music (my degree is in Music Business Management...which is just a fancy way of saying I learned how to babysit bands in college). I had been managing a band that had a really retro sound and they were in need of a cheap wardrobe for their upcoming tour. I began scouring thrift stores, vintage shops, and estate sales for anything I could find that would fit their style. I really enjoyed shopping for them so I began shopping for other bands, and then my friends, and then for people in general... Thus, I started Calamity Layne to sell fun and affordable vintage items for everyone. I look for interesting, funky pieces you can wear on stage, off stage, or anywhere in between!

That’s kinda me in a nutshell, I look forward to getting to know you guys much better in the future - and totally feel free to convo me on Etsy or shoot me an email at calamitylayne@gmail.com if you have any burning questions about vintage that you want me to answer! Catch ya later!

Yours truly,
~Steph A
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