Iggy @ 10 Months

Technically... Iggy is 10.5 months right now.  But I realized I wasn't keeping up with my every 2 months schedule and I want to make sure I'm on track for the big first birthday party!  ...Whatever that ends up being...

Anyways, the big news is up on the top photo.  Iggy is STANDING.  On his own.  It's so cute.  No walking or stepping just yet, but standing for lengths of time, completely unsupported.  He can also now clap (like a normal person, not just flapping his arms up & down), and will sometimes echo noises people make.  No full-on words with intention yet, but intentional sounds at least.  Another new quirk of his is shaking his head "no" at really funny times, like when my mom tried to kiss him.  I don't know if he fully realized what he was communicating, but it was still pretty darn funny.

Iggy drinks from a sippy cup now instead of a bottle.  When we went for his 9 month doctor appointment (on Halloween, sheesh), the nurse seemed alarmed that I hadn't tried to give him a sippy cup yet.  I was all "what?" because I had no idea that he was old enough yet (remember, he's my first, and I'm the girl who refused to take a birthing class, so I'm kind of a figurer-outer on my own type...) but apparently the doctors office freaks out if they still have a bottle at 12 months and GOOD LORD WHY HADN'T I STARTED TRYING YET?!

Well, that's how it went in my head movies.

So I freaked out and started giving him the sippy cup which was frustrating at first, but within two weeks he had it down.  Now it's like no problem.  Why were they freaking out at the doctor?  All it did was freak me out.  Anywhoo... it's all good now.

Iggy's eating all sorts of regular-ish food now.  His favorite is shredded cheese.  He double-fists it into his mouth, but half of it dumps all over his lap so he has a shreddy cheesy diaper area.  It's a horrible mess.  In other food news, I've begun blending tofu into his food (think avocado-tofu and cheesy cauliflower tofu purees) and he seems to be cool with it.  He does not, however, seem to be a big fan of scrambled eggs.  I even tried mixing cheese into them but to no avail.  He eats a tiny tiny bite and then he's done, no more.

Iggy only has his two front lower teeth.  He's been chewing and seemingly teething for over a month now, but nothing new.  You can see in the photo below his bizarre new habit of putting the pacifier into his mouth pointing upwards.  What a weirdo.

Last weekend we took Iggy to see Santa.  We waited in line for an hour, and he was really well behaved.  He watched the kids in front of us go up and see Santa and he laughed.  Then I brought him up, and as I leaned over to hand Iggy to Santa, he started to squirm and fuss.  Oh geez.  But Santa flipped him around and was all "photo!" and it was over in less than 30 seconds.  Eh, maybe next year Iggy?  At least if he was gonna cry I was hoping it would be a full-on reaching out for mom howl.  I got this in-between crabby face, which I see plenty of on an everyday basis.

I really enjoy how much Iggy is turning into an independent little person.  I relish seeing him sitting on the floor, concentrating very hard on a toy or book.  I love seeing him pull himself up to standing and slowly letting go.  The excitement on his face when he realized he was standing was inexplicable.  So amazing.

See you in another two months for the next Iggy installment!

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