Another weird collection

I was organizing my art studio the other day and realized I have kind of a weird collection that I'd like to share.  I save interesting and fun tags from items that I like.  Sometimes it's a brand name item I couldn't normally afford, so it's fun from a memorabilia standpoint (remember when I splurged - or saved up - and bought myself that fancy purse?) but other times I just like the graphic design, or its from a favorite designer.

I have a small bulletin board that hangs behind my work area - most of the time I forget it's even there, and it holds my tag collection.  It's 8x10 inches, and I made it out of an old picture frame and a cork square.

Here's what my collection contains at present:
  1. Tarina Tarantino - the older tag had a female face with crazy hair.  The newer tags have the simpler "bow" logo.  I also have one from the Tokyo Hardcore Collection.
  2. Hello Kitty - There's a ton of different tags, these are just two I particularly enjoyed the graphic design on.
  3. Betsey Johnson - still my number one favorite.  Wish I had the money (and the body) to buy more.
  4. Chanel - this one's a cheater.  I love Chanel, but can't afford anything besides the occasional makeup item here or there.  This tag came with some Chanel buttons my aunt gave me.  I'm saving them for a special art or craft project one day.
  5. Anna Sui - This is the tag from her Anna Sui for Target line.  I still have two dresses from this collection.  They're too small right now, but I'll never get rid of them.  I dream one day I'll be able to wear them again.
  6. Harajuku Lovers - I found my purse at Marshall's for an excellent price.  Score!
  7. Harajuku Mini - I still snag the boy's stuff at Target whenever I can.  Especially if I find it on the clearance rack - oh boy!
  8. Rodarte for Target - I think I purchased almost the whole collection on this one.  Again, stuff I have that doesn't fit, but I wont get rid of...
  9. Marvel/Converse - tag from my wonder woman shoes.  It's made of real heavy cardboard.  I like when companies put tons of thought into packaging and stuff like this.

So, I start to wonder sometimes if I begin to seem like a hoarder when I show you my various "collections," but since I haven't been doing any outfit/personal style posts, this is what you get.  All my stuff.  Feel free to show me all your weird stuff, too.  I'm ok with it.

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