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I remember when Todd and I were first dating and we didn't have cable.  It was a big deal when we finally splurged and got it, since cable runs on average about $50+ a month.  Well, once we started, we never looked back, and for the last 6 years or so we've always had it.  We never had anything major, like movie channels or sports packages or anything like that, but we did have DVR service.

Last year while I was pregnant, I went through a big "OMG we're having a baby and now we can't afford anything and we need to save money!" phase and thought that we should cancel our cable.  I called up our service and let them know.  Well, if you want to save money on cable, CALL UP YOUR PROVIDER AND TELL THEM YOU WANT TO CANCEL!  They'll fall all over themselves to keep you and offer you all kinds of ridiculous discounts and free stuff.  Seriously.

I ended up keeping our service on our main TV set in the living room, and the woman on the phone cut our service to $25 a month.  Yep, you heard me right.  $25 a month.  It was a "promo" rate for 6 months, but then I called again and told them to cancel, and they put that rate right back into place.

Fast forward a year now.

Our "promo" code has ended again.  This time though, we have Netflix.  We have Hulu Plus.  And, our smaller cable package does not include FX or AMC, which broadcasts a majority of the things we like to watch (see more about my extreme TV habit here), so we've been "without" most of our channels for a while now.  This time I decided that even $25 a month is too much.  We need to go cold-turkey, no cable.

Good lord, I had to fight with the guy on the phone for a good half hour!  He kept trying to cut the rate back for me, and offering me 6 months of this channel and that channel just to keep me, and didn't I know that I could BUNDLE my services?

To which I would reply every time, "no thanks, I'd just like to cancel please."

Finally, he caved in.  They're sending us some kind of postage-paid box to which they threaten death if we don't return all the equipment in it.  I also had to reassure him that we did not, in fact, have another cable provider lined up and that if I ever did decide to go back to cable, I would use their services.


So, as of Friday morning, we have no cable.  We've been living off of our Netflix and Hulu (we use Apple TV units in our house, if you were wondering) and it's been good!  I only watch stuff that I WANT to watch!  Whoa what a concept!

Those of you thinking "well, Netflix and Hulu cost money..." yes, you are right.  But it's less than cable, and I think the choices are better.  Watch what I want when I want.

My next victim is the home phone line.  That's also costing us about $25 a month and NOT worth it.  It's hard, having a baby, and thinking about not having a home phone line though.  What about when he's in school?  Does the school call me or Todd?  How do his friends call him?  I'm certainly not getting him a phone of his own...

Anybody out there with kids and no home phone line?  Please share.

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  1. We haven't had a land line phone for about 5 years (my daughter is 8 now). My daughter knows both mine and my husbands cell phone numbers and now that she is at an age where she's giving her number out to her friends she gives them my number. I don't let her talk for a long time on the phone but she can call her friends or they can call her to set up a play date or whatever. We are looking at getting her a phone soon but there will certainly be restrictions on how often she can be on it and whatnot.

    1. Ooh thanks for the input! I'm still gunning to get rid of the darn phone line. It'd be another $25/month we could save!

  2. I have a home phone line that we cut down to a "fax" line. There is no long distance on it at all and is not used for anything. We keep a phone "just in case" (you never know right?) and it cost 11$/month. For $11/mth I like piece of mind...

    1. Hmm... you have AT&T? I've never heard of a "fax" line only. Might have to investigate.


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