The zombie that never was...


I had a pretty cool Halloween costume all planned out.  At work, they made last Wednesday "Pajama Day," presumably so that kids wouldn't show up in costume.  I had mixed feelings about that.  On one hand I was thinking that it sucks that we have to suck the fun out of everything.  But then I remembered what the girls' Halloween costumes look like at the Halloween stores: skanky fairies, skanky witches, skanky vampires, skanky princesses... etc etc etc.  And it all made sense.

Nevertheless, I was still kind of sad that there was no opportunity to dress up, even within a set of dress code standards, so I had a plan.  I would wear pajamas, but I would go as a PAJAMA ZOMBIE!!!

I was so excited.  I went out and bought pajama pants and a shirt.  I bought makeup so I had white face paint to help "zombify" myself.  At ten o'clock at night the day before Halloween, I was slicing and cutting up my clothes, then splattering red paint mixed with water as "blood" on my outfit.

Then it hit me.

I can't wear a blood-spattered costume to a middle school!!!  ...Sigh...

So I vowed to put on some "regular" PJs instead and save my costume for after work, when I could go out and see trick-or-treaters and such.  But Iggy had a doctor's appointment at 5:45, smack in the middle of the evening.  So I vowed to change into my costume after that.

By the time we got home it was so late and so dark out, no one would be able to see my zombie costume anyways.  Booooo.

...and that's the story of the zombie that never was.

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