Shoes! Wonder Woman Converse!

Last post, I mentioned the DC Comics x Converse Wonder Woman All-Stars I wanted to buy from Journeys.  Well, I couldn't resist and ordered them last week - and they're here!  I wore them for the first time today.  Every time I looked down at my feet, it made me smile.

I got lots of compliments on them at work.  I'm mostly impressed by the high quality of the design, and how no detail was overlooked - even the insides are amazing!

I had my choice of traditional All-Star white laces, or the yellow ones that were also included.  I went for the yellow.  Oh yeah.  I love these shoes so much.

There are a whole bunch of DC Comics x Converse designs, including Superman and Batman!  I'm kind of partial to the Poison Ivy All-Stars as well...

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