Mid-Week Window Shopping

Glasses Dress
Eva Franco dress / Fat Face oversized shirt, $67 / Derek Cardigan Coastal.com glasses / Brooks Brothers argyle socks / Ilse Jacobsen low heel boots, $150 / Betsey Johnson patent leather handbag / Sutured heart necklace long and sexy edition by idlehandsdesigns

Ugh!  I saw this incredible glasses dress over the weekend online and I was all "oh man I gotta have this...!!!" but then I saw two things: 1. It only goes up to size 14... and 2. It's $244.99...

Two strikes and you're out?

Right now I'm no way Jose a size 14.  Never thought I'd say this, but I WISH I was a size 14.  Also, I have nowhere near $244 to spend on a dress.  Even if it was $150 I'm no so sure I could afford it...

So I made this lovely window shopping collage "ode" to a most fantastic dress that I wish I was able to buy in my size at a reasonable price.  Oh well.

In other shopping news, I want to go out and buy these Wonder Woman Converse shoes.  Because $60 is less than $244, and shoes fit all girls, even the fat ones.  For the most part, at least.

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