A DIY Halloween Baby Bat.


Happy (belated) Halloween!  The last week has been INSANE.  On Halloween night, Iggy had a doctor appointment.  Then Thursday night, Motorhead had a vet appointment.  Now it's Friday and I'm finally getting to sit down to write this.  What's that?  Why don't I schedule posts ahead of time, you say?  Well, I'd love to, but that would require having a chunk of time with which to do so... sigh.  One of these days...

Iggy was a baby bat for Halloween!  He turned 9 months exactly on Halloween.  I wanted to go all out and super creative, but then I realized that a nine month old wasn't going to want to keep any makeup or wigs or pretty much anything out of the ordinary on his body for any length of time.  He does, however, wear hoodies.  And they're warm.  As a protective mom, that was a plus.  He could look cute, and be weatherproof!  So I made this baby bat costume.  Here's what you need:

  • Felt (Not much, I had a couple yards laying around already...  If you buy it by the sheet, maybe three?  One per wing, and one to cut out four ears.)
  • Black thread/embroidery floss
  • A sewing needle
  • Straight pins (to hold stuff in place while you sew)
  • A black hoodie in the size you need (this is a 12 month)
  • Poly-fill, fiber fill, you know, stuffing... you could even use cotton balls in a pinch.  It doesn't take much - just for the ears...
  • Chalk or silver Sharpie for tracing and/or drawing on the black felt
  • Awesome tiny scissors (optional)


This DIY is pretty self-explanatory from the photos.  First, you gotta cut out the shapes.  Each ear is two pieces (front and back).  Each wing is one piece, and I simply laid the sweatshirt out (as shown) and free-hand drew the wing shape, then cut it out.  I laid the first wing onto felt and traced it to make them both match.  I did that with the ear pieces, too.  So you only have to make one that you like - you just trace and cut the rest to match.

Next, I matched up the ear pieces, and sewed them together on two sides, leaving the bottom open for stuffing and attaching to the hoodie.  Might wanna use straight pins to hold them together.  For the sake of easiness, I just hand sewed them using a blanket stitch and black embroidery floss, but you could use a machine and turn them inside-out and junk.  That just seemed like more work, dragging the machine out.  Plus, blanket stitch gives me nice crisp edges and points.  I wanted to make sure the ears were pointy, and I was afraid flipping them inside-out would make them round.  See the middle photo below for a close-up of my stitching skillz.


See?  Ear pockets!  I stuffed the ears with stray poly-fill I had laying around (I have an art studio at our house - and I teach art - so, it's totally cool if you don't have stuff "laying around" like I do, I get that).  Then I used straight pins to hold the ears to the hood of the sweatshirt right where I wanted them, and used a straight stitch and embroidery floss to attach them.  Don't forget to remove the pins after.


Sewing and attaching the wings proved to be the most awkward, but I made it work.  Twelve-month old sized sweatshirts don't have a lot of room in the arms for me to reach in and sew anything to the sleeves, you know?  So I used a weird made up straight stitch/slip stitch to secure the fabric wing pieces to the body and sleeves.  Hey, it worked.  If you're not a sewer, you could probably use fabric glue.  It's just a little baby, so he's not gonna be running around too much.  Plus, it only has to last one day, right?


Well, I might have to make him wear it other days anyways.  Look how darn cute he was in it!  My mom brought him to work to visit me in my classroom at lunchtime.  Yayy!

How was your Halloween?  Did you see any cute baby costume ideas?

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  1. Awesome costume, my sister made me a bat costume when i was 12..it is still one of my favorite costumes!


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