I never even knew this existed...

...and now I want one.  It's so cool!  It's a poster printer.  You put any 8.5"x11" image or printout on the little scanner thingy, and it makes you a GIANT POSTER of it!


I was at one of the other schools for a meeting today, and they had one of these machines.  I couldn't believe how cool it was, but how simple the concept was.  Scan a piece of paper, make a big printout.  Simple, right?  Well, I looked it up:


The first warning sign should be the lack of pricing info.  And that the closest place (when I searched) that deals in this machine is in another state.  Which is weird, since I'm so close to Chicago, a huge city...

So I dug further, and this website claims that it retails around $6000!!!  What?!!  At that price, I'd be better off going to Kinko's and getting a zillion full color poster prints.  I still wouldn't end up spending $6000.

Sigh.  So much for that idea.  At least I had fun using it, and made a nifty new poster.

Anyone out there have any experience or knowledge about these printer thingys?  They still seem awesome.

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