Field Trip: The House On The Rock


This past weekend we had Monday off, so we decided to take a little family trip.  Last year, we went to Milwaukee to visit the art museum.  This year, we went to Wisconsin to visit The House On The Rock.  If you haven't been here, I strongly suggest that you make it a destination.  We spent three hours inside on Saturday exploring, it was so awesome.

There is so much to see here.  The "house" itself is a really fun architectural piece (sorry I forgot to take photos there!) and there's a room called the "Infinity Room" which is a long hallway with glass windows out both sides that juts out from the house over the valley... far...far...below.  I made it about 2/3 of the way out before having to turn back.

But the most time is spent in the "collections" areas.  There is a HUGE amount of stuff.  Some of it is real antiques, but some of it is newer or re-assembled and re-imagined from other things.  Like the music machines that play.  A couple of photos down you can see a photo of what looks like a tiny orchestra.  It was actually full sized mannequins positioned in front of mechanical "instruments" that played a song when you put a token into the machine.  Kind of amazing.

I know I won't do the story behind The House On The Rock justice... so read here for more info.


Even the bathrooms had stuff in them.  Collections.  See?  Too bad I couldn't see the taxidermy Todd told me about in the men's room.


One of the things I found most fascinating about the collections were the creepiness of most of it.  Circuses, dolls, armor, weapons... everything has a very steampunk/old fashioned/haunted house feel to it.

The best part hands-down is the carousel room.  It's stated to be the world's largest indoor carousel.  The total sucky part is that you can't even ride it!  Boo.  But it was really fun to watch.  Iggy (and I) were mesmerized by it.  See below - he was my backpack (taken from Todd's instagram feed):


I saved two of my most awesome favorite things for last.  One is this old hearse that looks all goth.  The second is a sculpture from Alex Jordan's "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" series.  If it's hard to tell, it's a skeleton riding a skeleton horse.  Yep.  Awesome.


After we left this place, I felt pretty inspired artistically.  Have you ever been anywhere that makes you feel inspired?  Tell me about it!

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  1. i've been to the house on the rock! i thought the house itself was really awesome! and i had never heard of this place when we went, so i was pleasantly surprised of all the collections, it just kept going and going and going! there is so much! awesome destination!

    1. Yeah I'm kind of surprised that there's such a lack of advertising about it, but amongst those who know or have been there, everyone seems to think it's awesome!


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