...It takes so little sometimes to make me laugh like an idiot.  There's an internet meme that's been going on for a while now (I'm only explaining it for the "living under a rock" types, ok?) that exclaims "ERMAHGERD!" and then lists any number of items beneath it... eh, I know I won't explain it well, so go here if you want the full history and such behind it.

What I wanted to show you was how a really stupid and simple iPhone app can give me hours of ROFL fun.  The app is called EasyMeme, if you're interested, and it's $0.99.

My target is typically Iggy making derp faces.  He'll probably bring this post to his therapist when he's older.  Sorry Iggs...


p.s. I just found out yesterday that Stephanie's grandmother passed away, so she'll be out of town for the service and I'll be going solo at the Halloween Flea Market on Saturday.  Todd'll be hanging out with me, but definitely stop by and say hi!

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