Recap: Haunted Halloween Flea Market


Check out my sweet setup from Saturday night above!  Okay, now for the funny part: the "booth" was actually two tables wide and one table deep (picture a horseshoe shaped booth made up of four tables) - my one little table looked kind of sad and small in the middle of my space!  But hey, it was the best looking single table in the whole building!

I learned that craft fairs and flea markets are two ENTIRELY different monsters.  At a craft fair, everyone knows and/or takes for granted that your items are handmade.  Here, many people were surprised to find out that I had made each item.  Secondly, most people are out looking for bargains, not necessarily for hand-crafted items in the art-vein (for the most part).  So I don't think that I exactly had my target audience at this flea market.

I was mostly banking on the fact that it was a Halloween-themed market that my skull items would go over well... and I sold...a little.  In fact, I "almost" covered the cost of the booth.  To sit for nine hours... um, yeah...

Live and learn.


A couple of things to consider: First, I was supposed to be sharing the booth with Stephanie, so I figured that I might have had some extra room.  Secondly, I had signed up for NO tables (I bring my own, cuz I'm baller like that), yet every booth had four tables in it already.  Hmm.  Mental note: buy more tablecloths or have something as a back up for such situations.  Thirdly, most of the booths were really weird... like garage sale stuff.  Some people flung nasty tablecloths down and dumped the contents of what could only have been their basements or garages.  I didn't get it.

On the plus side, the extra tables did provide me with a nice packaging area for customers and gave Todd and I some room for eating dinner later on.  So yayy!

Below, a lady from the greyhound rescue walking around with one of the dogs, dressed in costume.  I had whippets growing up, which are kind of like greyhounds, so I always get excited and want to pet them.  Luckily, she let me.  On the right, my feet.  Lots of sitting time.  Staring at my feet.


Below, shots of the interior.  Todd sitting and playing on his phone.  Other booths across the way.


Okay, now for the positives: I met a bunch of cool people, including Ieata Brains from Divas de las Muertas roller derby team.  I also met Lisa again, whom I first met at Constructor last June!  So I really think that overall the flea market was worth it, to make connections with cool new people.  I gave away a bunch of my mini biz cards and some stickers, so hopefully I can get some new Hell Razor love spreading!

Stephanie and I have been talking about when and where our next adventure will be, so stay tuned for the latest and greatest.  We really want to do at least one more show before the holiday season!

In the meantime, I've been busy photographing and planning for re-stocking the Etsy shop.  I pin all my new stuff on my Pinterest Hell Razor board, so follow me to see it all!

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...It takes so little sometimes to make me laugh like an idiot.  There's an internet meme that's been going on for a while now (I'm only explaining it for the "living under a rock" types, ok?) that exclaims "ERMAHGERD!" and then lists any number of items beneath it... eh, I know I won't explain it well, so go here if you want the full history and such behind it.

What I wanted to show you was how a really stupid and simple iPhone app can give me hours of ROFL fun.  The app is called EasyMeme, if you're interested, and it's $0.99.

My target is typically Iggy making derp faces.  He'll probably bring this post to his therapist when he's older.  Sorry Iggs...


p.s. I just found out yesterday that Stephanie's grandmother passed away, so she'll be out of town for the service and I'll be going solo at the Halloween Flea Market on Saturday.  Todd'll be hanging out with me, but definitely stop by and say hi!

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Haunted Halloween Flea Market!


I'm having a seriously hard time writing blog posts these days.  I have a kind-of excuse right now, because besides working and looking after Iggy (for example, my husband is at Master's class right now so I've been pulling mommy duty all night), I've also been working hard to build up stock for my next show, which is the Haunted Halloween flea market this Saturday!


Details for the show are listed above.  I'm splitting a booth with Stephanie of Calamity Layne Vintage, so if you're a Chicago or Chicago suburbs-area person, you should stop by! 3 pm to midnight!


Do you notice anything different about these flowers?  Well, besides the addition of sweet new eyeball flowers, I've started to make my skull embellishments a little bit differently.  I'm still using the same lightweight air-dry clay to sculpt them, but I'm now hand-painting the faces with acrylic paint, so they're super durable and water-resistant.  The previous flowers were still pretty awesome, but I used marker to embellish those, and I really like the look of the painted ones better - even though it's more difficult to do and takes more time... still worth it.

Also, you may have noticed a few new CAT SKULL designs!  I've just begun making these in larger quantities, and it sure seems like there's an audience for it!

So, speaking of new designs, any requests out there for new items you think I could try?  Let me know in the comments below!

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busy season...


Hey guys.  I'm dropping the ball on blog posts this week.  I can blame school, the baby, whatever, but it doesn't change the fact that me = no blog posts.

I am working on a bunch of new stuff for the Haunted Halloween Flea Market on October 27th though!  I've started hand-painting the skulls with small brushes, as opposed to previous designs applied with marker.  Yep, it takes longer.  But they look really nice.

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Girl who wears glasses.

I've had glasses since the second grade.  For eighth grade graduation, I was finally (FINALLY!) allowed to have contacts.  But until then, middle school was awful.  Because I had glasses.  Well, I also had braces and a perm.  It's like the trifecta of awfulness, now that I look back on it.

But I hated glasses.

Now, many many years later, glasses are not so bad.  Sometimes I wear them on purpose.  The last time I got new ones, I went to one of those places where you "buy one, get one free" which is never ever true in my case because my lenses are so thick, I have to pay extra to have them compressed or thinned out or whatever they do with them.  I went ahead and bought the "two for one" deal.  I felt kinda "meh" about both pairs, but felt like I did okay.  Then afterwards, I wished I had just gone somewhere with more fun glasses and just gotten one pair.  See old glasses below (top right, and bottom row):

Photobucket Photobucket

I kept reading about Coastal.com for glasses, especially the first pair free deal, and I was really curious. I actually put a pair in my shopping cart and almost bought them until I realized my lenses still ended up costing me about $100 after the "free" part (due to the aforementioned need to thin them out).  Besides, the pair that I really wanted were out of stock and unlikely to come back.  I signed up for a wait list just in case they did...

Yayy!  I had basically given up on these sweet Derek Cardigan 7005 glasses when I magically received an email a few weeks ago that they were BACK in STOCK!!!  Woo hoo!  I went right away and ordered them, even though I was going to have to spend money on those dang thinner lenses... I've been looking for a good cat-eye pair for a LONG time...


I super love them.  I've worn them almost every day since I've gotten them.  The only thing I dislike is getting used to carrying around one of those microfiber cloths all the time, since I have oily skin which will smudge the glasses big time if I bump them into my face.  Also, I have an 8 month old who tries to grab them and gets baby drool all over.  Other than that, we're all good.

I'm glad that I took the chance and ordered through Coastal.com.  Next time I'm in the market for new glasses, I'll probably go through them again.  In case you're wondering, they have a "virtual try-on" where you take a photo with your webcam and you can superimpose the frames over your face.  Not 100% accurate, but decent for a general idea.  But I've been a glasses girl so long, I know what I want when I see them!

This is not a sponsored post, and I did not receive anything for free above and beyond what you can when you shop there for the first time, too!  I'm just really happy with my purchase and wanted to share!

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I never even knew this existed...

...and now I want one.  It's so cool!  It's a poster printer.  You put any 8.5"x11" image or printout on the little scanner thingy, and it makes you a GIANT POSTER of it!


I was at one of the other schools for a meeting today, and they had one of these machines.  I couldn't believe how cool it was, but how simple the concept was.  Scan a piece of paper, make a big printout.  Simple, right?  Well, I looked it up:


The first warning sign should be the lack of pricing info.  And that the closest place (when I searched) that deals in this machine is in another state.  Which is weird, since I'm so close to Chicago, a huge city...

So I dug further, and this website claims that it retails around $6000!!!  What?!!  At that price, I'd be better off going to Kinko's and getting a zillion full color poster prints.  I still wouldn't end up spending $6000.

Sigh.  So much for that idea.  At least I had fun using it, and made a nifty new poster.

Anyone out there have any experience or knowledge about these printer thingys?  They still seem awesome.

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Field Trip: The House On The Rock


This past weekend we had Monday off, so we decided to take a little family trip.  Last year, we went to Milwaukee to visit the art museum.  This year, we went to Wisconsin to visit The House On The Rock.  If you haven't been here, I strongly suggest that you make it a destination.  We spent three hours inside on Saturday exploring, it was so awesome.

There is so much to see here.  The "house" itself is a really fun architectural piece (sorry I forgot to take photos there!) and there's a room called the "Infinity Room" which is a long hallway with glass windows out both sides that juts out from the house over the valley... far...far...below.  I made it about 2/3 of the way out before having to turn back.

But the most time is spent in the "collections" areas.  There is a HUGE amount of stuff.  Some of it is real antiques, but some of it is newer or re-assembled and re-imagined from other things.  Like the music machines that play.  A couple of photos down you can see a photo of what looks like a tiny orchestra.  It was actually full sized mannequins positioned in front of mechanical "instruments" that played a song when you put a token into the machine.  Kind of amazing.

I know I won't do the story behind The House On The Rock justice... so read here for more info.


Even the bathrooms had stuff in them.  Collections.  See?  Too bad I couldn't see the taxidermy Todd told me about in the men's room.


One of the things I found most fascinating about the collections were the creepiness of most of it.  Circuses, dolls, armor, weapons... everything has a very steampunk/old fashioned/haunted house feel to it.

The best part hands-down is the carousel room.  It's stated to be the world's largest indoor carousel.  The total sucky part is that you can't even ride it!  Boo.  But it was really fun to watch.  Iggy (and I) were mesmerized by it.  See below - he was my backpack (taken from Todd's instagram feed):


I saved two of my most awesome favorite things for last.  One is this old hearse that looks all goth.  The second is a sculpture from Alex Jordan's "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" series.  If it's hard to tell, it's a skeleton riding a skeleton horse.  Yep.  Awesome.


After we left this place, I felt pretty inspired artistically.  Have you ever been anywhere that makes you feel inspired?  Tell me about it!

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Iggy @ 8 months...


So I've tried really hard since Iggy was born not to spam you with photos like "omg my baby is the cutest baby evarrr"

...even though he is...

And I've limited myself pretty much to these every two month check-ins.  So here's 8 months - you've been warned.  Move along if you dont like baby stuff.


Iggy is completely mobile and gets into EVERYTHING.  For example (left to right, above): diving off of the couch into his toy bin; crawling into the actual toy bin (and smiling at me after he succeeds); climbing under the walker and almost getting stuck.  Not pictured: opening cabinets, knocking the cereal boxes off of the shelf, attempting to crawl over the back of the couch onto the side table, and crawling under chairs and tables as though they're little bridges and huts just for him.


Did you see his two baby teeth in the top photos?  Scroll back up and check 'em out if you didn't.  My mom tells me that I didn't get my first tooth until I was a year old.  But he's got two by 8 months.  Yeah, I have friends with kids who have more, but this is cute, like a little jack-o-lantern.  He's very seasonal and festive like that.

We just got back from a mini family vacation and took Iggy with us.  He slept (uh, kinda) in a pack and play from the hotel, but he's used to being in his own room, so being in the room with us when we're NOT going to sleep at 8 o'clock was difficult for him to settle down and get some rest.  He was too distracted.  But overall he was really good.  I'll post more about that later.


Iggy eats lots of things: bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados, carrots, broccoli, applesauce, and I even tried spinach and asparagus.  The asparagus was a NO.  The broccoli and/or spinach I have to mix with applesauce, but then he eats some.  He also eats peaches and mangoes.  Everything in the Baby Bullet and pureed, but he seems to like it.  Oh, he also eats these Gerber baby snack things (Gerber Graduates Strawberry & Apple Puffs)... I just call them puffs.  It's so cute to see him pick them up and try to get them into his mouth.  They stick to his hands, face, whatever.


There's still no distinct talking/words with Iggy, but he laughs a lot and makes tons of noises.  He and I do a "call and response" game where he makes a noise, like "aaaaaahhhh!" and then I yell "aaaaahhhh!" back at him and we go back and forth like that for several minutes.  It's fun.  He also purposely blows raspberries at us, although it's not very pleasant when you're trying to feed him and he does it.


He makes me laugh ALL OF THE TIME.  For instance, check this random angry face crawl I caught the other day in my mom's front yard.  He snorts angry air out and crunches up his nose while he does this.  What the heck?!  But it's hilarious.

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Vintage Shopping & Finds


When my friend Stephanie and I hang out, we like to go vintage and antique shopping.  I usually have very little money to spend, and I'm kind of picky when it comes to stuff, so I don't often find a whole lot of items.  Shown here are the fruits of my last two shopping outings with Stephanie!

Above (left) is a vintage carafe and stopper.  I looked it up, and supposedly carafes do not have stoppers - they would instead be called a decanter, but that makes me think of wine.  I'm pretty sure this was meant to be more of a coffee carafe?  I could be way off base here.  In either case, Todd uses it for wine anyways, so maybe I should just refer to it as a decanter.  What I enjoyed about it was that the stopper is in pristine condition (many corks would be gross and crumbling/decomposed) and that the silver design on the glass is in mint condition as well!  I love the shape of the handle.

Above (right) is my sweet new black and gold unicorn figurine.  It was only $1.50, so I was like "yoink!" when I saw it on the shelf.  I think he's going to go for a wash in the dishwasher, and then I'm going to go at him with a gold paint pen to freshen up his gold parts.  He'll probably end up living in the art studio with me, or maybe on my little shelves downstairs...


Barware and dishes are some of my most favorite things to look for at thrift stores.  Mostly because it has no size and I don't have to worry about fitting into it.  Secondly because it's pretty easy to find some amazing overlooked items!  For example, this wire cart that once belonged to an awesome set of glasses.  Alas, there were no glasses around that seemed to go with this little guy, but I have a pretty neat collection at home and knew I could find something that would work.  For example, these (non-vintage) metallic glasses I bought at Target last year.  I think it's easy to find items like this wire cart because most people don't realize what it is, let alone consider buying it!  So snatch 'em up before somebody finds out!

Got any ideas for other uses?  Maybe rolled up socks or something.  I'll get back to ya on that.


Lastly, I purchased this soft yellow large square scarf because I had seen a tutorial on Keiko Lynn's blog about tying a hair scarf and I thought "gee I have purple hair so a buttery yellow scarf would look perfect on me!" (That's a nerdy art teacher complementary color reference for those of you who didn't catch that.  But it's for reals what I thought at the time.)  But this is a perfect size and softness for just such a thing.  And I think I paid like a dollar for it.

So far I've worn it once, but I'm trying to be brave and try it out again.  It makes me feel very retro.

I also ventured out and bought a babydoll sweater dress but it was too tight.  At least it only cost me $3.  It was only a little tight.  So maybe one day?  Sigh.

Anyways, thrift and vintage and antique shopping is fun, even if you don't find a treasure!  There's always tons of goofy stuff to find and NOT buy, or things to consider and then wish you had bought after the fact - besides the things you sometimes DO buy and then wish you hadn't later.  Am I right?

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The latest...


I used to do weekly nail polish updates and quickly realized how much nail art is out there on the interwebs, so I realize that the fact that I decided to paint them green isn't exactly earth-shattering or exciting news.  But I pulled out my camera this weekend after not using it for a while and I'm trying to mess with light and different kinds of shots.  So here's nails...


In other news, I have plans to team up with my friend Stephanie for the Haunted Halloween Flea Market on October 27th at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton, so if you're a Chicago-area reader, you should come check it out!  I'll be there selling Hell Razor awesomeness (my skulls will hopefully go over quite well at a Halloween-themed event, right?), and Stephanie will be selling her vintage clothing and wares from Calamity Layne Vintage Threads.

Secondly, I realized I haven't done any Weight Watchers updates in a while.  Well, I'm still a member, and I'm still going to meetings, but I dont have a lot to report.  I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing.  I know what I SHOULD do, but sometimes I outright DEFY whatever that is for a variety of weird unexplainable reasons.  I'm trying to work on this.  Starting with stress.  It's become overwhelmingly obvious to me that I eat when I'm stressed and feel out of control (in general life, outside of eating).  So perhaps if I can deal with those issues, the following of Weight Watchers core principles will become easier to execute.

I like having a blog, but it's a challenge to come up with content sometimes - particularly content that is upbeat and interesting, especially when I am very prone to a pessimistic outlook on life.  I'm trying to change that, but it is a journey.  So that's some of the things floating through my brain right now...

How's your brain doing?

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