Random Miscellany and updates.

  • I'm looking for people to swap blog badges with.  FREE ADVERTISING! - Interested?  Deets here.
  • I have enabled Direct Checkout at our Etsy shop.  Pay directly with a credit card, no PayPal required.  Yayy!
  • I have updated our Square account profile, and published us to the Square directory.  I can't find a way to view it via the internet though.  I think it has to be through the app.  Can anyone help on this?
  • Renegade Holiday Craft Fair fees are absolutely ridiculous this year, and they keep getting worse...  $375 for a booth?  No thanks.  Is anyone else as frustrated by this as me?
  • I'm seriously considering vending at the Haunted Halloween Flea Market at the Wheaton Fairgrounds... anyone been to this before?  Any thoughts/advice?  It looks cool:
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