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Campbell's Soup

Todd and I had total art teacher nerdy moments this last weekend when we discovered that Target was selling Campbell's tomato soup in a limited edition Andy Warhol series.  There are four different styles/color combinations of the soup and they retail for $.75 per can.  Todd immediately ran out to the store to purchase them.  Three dollars total for a fun set like this?  I'm sold.

We actually bought four complete sets of the can designs, so that we have sets for at home and for at work.

Soup 2
Soup 3

After doing a little research, I discovered that this isn't the first time that Campbell's has made Andy Warhol-themed versions of its soup!  Read the full story here.

I was excited that our local Target had these in stock, as it sounds like (from some reports) that they're hard to find/selling out at some shops.  But I also read that they're making 1.2 million "limited edition" cans, so I don't think it's as rare as some are making it out to be.

In any case, it's fun to have an art teacher geek-out at this fun version of an old classic.  How about you - would you/will you buy them?

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  1. I saw them too!! It was honestly all I could do to stop myself from filling my cart with them!! SO awesome!

  2. OMG, I want those so bad! They'd proudly be displayed on a pretty shelf in my kitchen! So cute!

    1. I absolutely want to find a spot in the kitchen. For now though, they're lined up in the living room!

  3. Ah these are awesome! Love them! Just found ur cool blog! I love the skull stuff you make, it's so cute. I love skulls! Come by messydirtyhair.com sometime & say hi! New follower btw :)


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