More Lego Obsession

Minifigs 1

My husband has recently become obsessed with these little Lego Minifig characters. He's been to Toys R Us at least three, but probably five, different times over Labor Day weekend.  He looks online for tips to see if there's a way to tell the difference between which figures are which because they come in blind-box packaging (little foil pouches).

At this point, Todd has taken to squeezing the little foil packages to try to feel which characters are in the packages so that he can complete his collection.  It's actually pretty funny - he said he feels like a  creeper sometimes in the Lego section of the toys, because he's standing around, squeezing these little foil pouches to try to determine which characters are which...! 

The Lego Minifigs are actually kind of cool, and since I last wrote about our custom Citizen Brick minifigs, this seemed appropriate to share.  My favorite characters so far are the "lady viking/opera singer" (I'm not sure what she's actually called, but I think she's a lady viking).  I also really like the pink haired rocker girl:

Lego Lady Viking

Lego Rocker Girl

Todd has mounted his collection on a large blue Lego plate to display all of his characters.

Minifigs 2

So if you're looking for a new obsessive collection, you might want to consider these little guys cause they're fairly inexpensive (about three dollars each), and you can find them at Toys "R" Us.

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