Confession: I watch way too much TV...

It's true. I wish I didn't watch so much TV, but I do. Once the baby goes to sleep, I have an hour before I have to get ready for bed and go to sleep. Therefore, Todd and I usually resort to an hour of tv.


I'd love to be one of those people that's all "Oh, we don't even OWN a TV..." but I'm not. I watch a TON of it. Currently, we're catching up to real-time in True Blood (almost done w/season four, then five to go) - but I'm super excited for the new season of Sons of Anarchy starting tonight and American Horror Story: Asylum starting soon!

In honor of my "nasty" habit, I thought I'd share some of our favorites (past and present) here:

True Blood - We just started this series this summer, not long before school started. I'm normally not one to fall for the modern-day vampire trend, but this show is awesome. Plus, Eric Northman is a VIKING vampire. That's pretty metal.

Sons of Anarchy - Also didn't catch on to this show until season two was already underway. I bought season one for Todd's birthday a few years back, and we were hooked. Jax Teller's long hair is just like Todd's (and Thor's), so bonus!

American Horror Story - We've been watching this one since the original airing. Season one was incredible, and when I heard all the changes for season two, I was mad. Thought that I probably wouldn't watch... But then they started posting preview video teasers on Facebook. Damn you! Now I can't wait. It looks so good.

The Killing - I noticed on several social media sites that people who watched similar shows to us also watched The Killing, which is about a female police detective investigating the murder of a high school girl. Yeah, sucked me in. We've only watched season one (streaming on Netflix!) but now feel compelled to purchase season two on iTunes.

Game of Thrones - Do I really need to explain this one? Even people without a TV must watch this.

Mad Men - Retro goodness. Mostly I think I watch for the furniture and housewares. Nerd.

Dexter - I feel about this show kind of in the same vein as Game of Thrones. Don't tell me you haven't seen this. Just go see. A serial killer who kills other serial killers?  Yes please.

Walking Dead - Saw season one and the first half of season two. Need to catch up. During the season two "break," I was pregnant and downgraded our cable to save money. I've been an avid reader of the comics, so I know what's "supposed" to happen, although the tv series is much diverted from the original. I hear Michonne and the Governor are making an appearance in the upcoming season. Yessss...

Breaking Bad - We pre-ordered this on iTunes so as not to miss a single episode. Nothing beats season one though. You feel so sorry for Walt, it's embarrassing to watch a day in his life. It's like a dark comedy. My favorite kind of storyline. But I'm excited to see how it all ends.

Six Feet Under - Todd and I were just talking about how we need to re-watch this series. One of my all-time favorite shows. If I had to recommend only one show on this list, I think Six Feet Under would be it.

Rome - Ancient drama goodness. Awesome gladiator fight action. Badassery.

The Tudors - Aaah, you love to hate King Henry. Plus, I notice all the actors from this show appearing elsewhere. Cromwell as Franklin the vampire in True Blood. The actress who plays Anne Boleyn shows up later in Game of Thrones.

Carnivale - Only two seasons!  I felt like it ended too soon.  I like the concept of leaving the story for the viewer to theorize about and complete themselves, but I felt like I needed more here.

Wonderfalls - I stumbled across this one via Netflix in the "recommended for you" section.  It was a Television series, I have NO recollection of it ever airing.  That's sad because it's really good.  Just one season.  Random objects talk to the main girl.  Pretty cool.

Twin Peaks - I think loving this show has become blogger cliche right about now.  I remember watching it with my mom way back when it originally aired (I was in middle school).  Todd and I re-watched it together while I was pregnant and on bed rest.  Good times.  Plus, Kyle McLachlan is now the mayor on Portlandia.

The IT Crowd - Available on Netflix streaming.  Awesome funny.  Two guys and a girl working in the tech department at an office building.  BBC goodness.

Other comedies I highly recommend:
  • The Mighty Boosh
  • Portlandia
  • Flight of the Conchords

Junk food for your brain: Reality TV (past and present):
  • America's Next Top Model
  • Maury
  • Cheaters
  • Work of Art: The Next Great Artist
  • Project Runway (the Mondo season - he was totally robbed of the win!!!)
  • Rock of Love

Cartoons (not just for kids):
  • Adventure Time
  • Regular Show
  • Metalocalypse

As I was writing this, I kept adding shows, and I began to realize just how bad the problem really is.  Somebody help me!!!

Hey you guys - join in the confession below, please.  Favorite shows?

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  1. Wow! Jen, that's a lot of TV. Have you tried the Game of Thrones books? Super awesome. It would take you awhile to catch up to them all, but by then the next book may be out!

    1. Sam reads the books (er, listens to the audiobooks) on the train. Right now I have a book on my "to-do" list that's been sitting there for a couple of weeks... it's like "books?! what are those?"

  2. I too have a tv problem!! I watch a lot of comedies and actually blogged about it last night too! I agree that mondo was robbed!! I also loved uli on the third season I think?

    1. I caught on to Project Runway late, so I dont think I saw season three. I'm gonna go check out your post though!

  3. I happen to be a lover of tv also. My husband is a bit of a homebody so that is our entertainment when we are together. Yes, I do drag him out occasionally but our shows are dvr'd so we still watch them. Don't fight the addiction...embrace it ;)


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