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letter sketches
I love fonts and lettering.  During this point in time, I was especially inspired by carnival-style lettering.  I even have a carnival-style letter "L" tattoo on my left forearm.

I was digging around some of my old stuff and discovered a sketchbook of mine from 2008.   It reminded me of how much I used to actually draw outside of my art teaching, and I realized that I haven't shared a lot of my personal artwork on here.  I'm not counting DIY project-y things or Hell Razor jewelry or accessories.  Therefore, I thought this might be kind of fun to share.

sketchbook 1
I love anatomical hearts.  Maybe one day I'll get one of those.  I do have an old school banner and heart for Iggy though!

Can you tell that I'm kind of into tattoo art?  Todd has a Sailor Jerry book that I used to love to look at and copy from.  Looking at these drawings make me feel like I need to return to drawing just for fun like I used to!

sketchbook 2
I've done several drawings of my lucky cat statue.  The day of the dead skulls were drawn from a pair of shoes that I own!

I've always liked to draw, I just have let time get away from me, and I need to get back to doing those things that I love.  Has this ever happened to you?

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