Playlist: Back to School

Today I am officially back at school (in case you are wondering, it's a scheduled post and I'm not actually blogging from work/school).  In honor of this event, I made a playlist.

Of course, it is not something that I could actually play at school and it is not filled with school-appropriate language.  But this is not for the kids.  This is for me.  

Back to School by hellrazorart on Grooveshark

It is a fact that you can often find me driving home on a Friday afternoon with something like Amon Amarth or Goatwhore cranked up loud.  I have to decompress somehow, right?!

What's your favorite song to get all pumped up to?

now playing:
Go To Hell by Motörhead on Grooveshark


  1. Replies
    1. I teach art. Been doing it now for 11 years. Yes, it's fun, but each year gets a little... less so... hmm. I wish the economy was better so we had more choices. It's not so fun when you're stuck doing it.


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