My foray into mobile blogging.

I'm experimenting with making blogging easier now that school has started. One way is to use Dragon Dictation so that I can speak my blog post into the phone or iPad and have it write for me. The second way is using BlogPress for the iPad, which makes my life more mobile - I can use the iPad upstairs or wherever there is wifi and not have to worry about bringing my laptop and hard drive and camera and everything else with me.

I'm attempting to photograph and insert photos straight from the iPad but BlogPress keeps making my photo really small... Even when I enlarge them on the laptop, they become pixelated and that's just unacceptable.  I'll have to mess around and see if I can connect to my Photobucket account and post from there...
See how grainy and small this crappy photo is?  Get with the program, people!!!

The basic idea here is that I could blog while on the go and doing other things, such as walking on the treadmill or taking the baby for a walk outside, or even hanging out with the baby on the back porch - so I can still watch him and, in a sense, "type" using my voice at the very same time.

So far I'm a little disappointed that BlogPress does not allow me to embed the little bit of HTML code from Grooveshark at the end of each post to indicate what I am listening to at the time - you've seen this at the bottom of this and previous blog posts as indicated by the "now playing" text.  I've also discovered that the Grooveshark website does not work with full functionality on the iPad because when I browse to it on Safari it goes to the mobile site (which is HTML5, I think) and doesn't even give me the option of viewing embed code to copy and paste...

So the biggest hurdle in mobile blogging (after the photo thing, that's pretty big, too), as opposed to sitting at a laptop and typing is that my formatting risks not being consistent across all posts. And I'm kind of anal about that.  I can't seem to find where I can schedule posts when I blog using the iPad, and I also can't seem to find how to tag or label posts when I use the iPad.

So it looks like for now I'm going to have to write my drafts using this mobile format, but I will have to go onto my laptop to finalize and make adjustments to the blog post before it actually publishes. Better than nothing, right?

And by the way, if anyone has successfully mastered the art of mobile blogging, please share your advice, tips, stories, etc!  Thanks!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad (with help from my laptop and full use of the Blogger interface online)

now playing:
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  1. Yeah. I have those problems too. The good thing is you can type the blog without being connected to wifi and save it locally to edit and post later. I do that a lot. I have a few minutes to write and just save it. I had problems twith the pic set up on the computer so I like that I can just tap and pic and it's there. Hopefully you'll get some good suggestions that I can use too!

    1. I didn't even think of typing up my post without having wifi and saving it! What a great idea! So far, I have figured out how to do photos through the Photobucket app. I can upload and get HTML code to copy/paste from there. Unfortunately, I looked at the official Blogger app, and that seems like it has (from the reviews I read) even LESS features than BlogPress! I'm surprised and disappointed...


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