Iggy @ 6 months...

Iggy at 6 months

Wow!  It's that time again already!  I haven't done an Iggy update since 4 months?  Whoa.  Well, get ready because I have a bunch of photos.  This is always a hard post because the photo prep takes so long... I have so many photos, and it's hard to narrow them down to the faves.  Of course.  What a mom thing to say.  Skip over if you're not into the bebe stuff, I understand.

set one

Iggy is attempting to crawl.  Check his sweet pushups in the photo above left.  In fact, he HAS crawled, a little.  The dog's rawhide was just out of reach on the floor, and this little guy scooted his knees up and flopped and pulled himself forward to get it.  The freakin' dog toy.  Sigh.  Needless to say, I had to distract him and swap it out with a different (baby) toy instead.  We're in for big trouble when this guy is truly mobile.

Right now he likes to put EVERYTHING in his mouth.  See above right.  See below right.  See my shoe on the floor.  Yep, he puts that in his mouth too.  At least, until I quickly snatch it away.  He's started to get mad when I take things away from him.  Oh Iggy.

set 2

Six months is really fun though.  He's interactive, and he's way more independent.  He plays on the floor by himself, and observes everything around him.  I can put him in the high chair while I'm working in the kitchen and give him a toy.  He loves the dog.  Motorhead distracts him constantly, especially if I'm trying to feed him baby food.

I was given a Baby Bullet for our baby shower, and I make Iggy his baby food from scratch.  It's super easy to use, and I love the process of making food for him.  So far, he's eaten bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado, and apples.  And baby cereal.  That bland icky stuff.  We usually stick to fruits and veggies, but the pediatrician said to try mixing the fruits in with the cereal, so we'll try that next.  I also think green peas are next on the menu.  Want to see what a sweet potato eyebrow looks like?  See below right.

I also have one of those mesh baby feeders, and if I'm feeling adventurous (meaning that I don't mind a big cleanup), I'll put a piece of banana in there.  He likes gumming the mesh and getting banana mush.  He can hold his own bottle, but doesn't understand that he needs to tip it up to get the liquid out.  So we're still working on that one.  No teeth yet, but maybe soon?

set 3

One of the most fun things about Iggy right now is the sounds he's making.  He tries to talk, but it just comes out all baby-gibberish.  Except for "dada."  Clear as day.  Unfortunately, he doesn't connect the word with the person yet, but that's coming along, too.  The other morning I went into his bedroom to get him (he regularly wakes up 30-45 minutes before us and just lays there, playing and making adorable baby noises), and he looked up at me, gave me the biggest cutest smile, and said "dada!"  To which I laugh and say, "no, I'm mama!  say MAMA." And he doesn't, but hey, I gave it a shot...

4 square

His peach fuzz hair kills me.  It makes me a little sad when I think of him all grown up and I won't get to see this adorable fuzzy smiley head each morning, looking exactly like this.  I can't believe how fast this time has flown by!

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