DIY: Heavy Metal Melted Crayon Art

finished piece

I'm always being inspired by little projects and ideas I see on Pinterest.  Most of the time, I pin items that have promise and look interesting, with the idea in my brain that "I can do that!" a little bit differently to fit my style.  This crayon art DIY comes from something like that.  Here is the original idea for a melted crayon project that spelled out "LOVE" in bright primary colors.

Its nice and all... but cutesy.  Have you noticed how many annoyingly cutesy things are on pinterest?  I think I might start a pinboard called "I think I'm going to vomit" for things like that.  The first thing on the list will be this wipe off board/picture frame.  Barf.  Okay, I couldn't help it.  I got distracted and went to pinterest and actually made it.  Proof.

Oh wait, back to my DIY.  I'm teaching you how to make a melted crayon monogram/initial, metal-style.


  1. Get an old canvas, canvas board, piece of wood, foamcore, heavy cardboard, whatever.  As long as it's sturdy enough to hold and adhere melted wax, you're good.  Any size you want.  I think this is an 8x10 canvas from when I was in college.  It originally had a really crappy painting on it.  Now, paint it all black as a background, because black is the most metal of all colors.  Duh.  I didn't even use nice paint.  Some cheap black craft paint is cool.  Maybe don't use tempera (aka poster paint) because that stuff is powdery and gross.  But that's the art teacher snob in me talking.  I don't really care what you use.
  2. Use a pencil (or white crayon/colored pencil/silver sharpie, you choose) to sketch out your letter of choice on the background.  Pencil will erase for the most part.  Any of those other things will still show, so you'd need to cover it up with your crayon wax.  It is imperative that your letter style is METAL, so use pictures to help you!  Try here for awesome heavy metal/horror font ideas.  Mine letter design was inspired by the "L" from "Unquiet Spirits."
  3. The easiest way to peel some cheap crayons (oh yeah did I mention you need crayons for this?  well ya do.) is to slit it all the way down the label using an exact-o knife.  Slitting stuff is pretty damn metal.
  4. Now, you get to melt your unpeeled crayon in a candle, then mush it down on your black background to make smushy wax dots all over.  FIRE!  FIRE!  See below for more in-progress shots.

melt crayons

Basically, you're going to keep melting/smushing for a long time until you've covered the entire background, leaving the letter as negative space, showing through to the background.  Whoa, I just threw an art teacher vocabulary word at ya.  Negative space.  (The space that is unfilled.)  There, now you can pass my 7th grade art test.  Wait, what?  I give tests in art?  Yep, I do.  Worst. Art. Teacher. Ever.  I actually make you DO work, and learn CONCEPTS.  So very mean.  Sigh.

in progress

I gotta be honest, all of these dots took a long time to get down on my background.  But it was a good meditative activity, I could just zone out and make dots.  I went back and forth a lot with mine, thinking it was too colorful, then too dark, then too bright... so I layered a lot before calling it "done."  I actually worked on this over two days.  The final version (I decided to add white dots) is the very top photo of this post.

If you disagree with my color choices, that's your deal, so do yours the way you want.  Make it a monochromatic red to symbolize the blood of your mortal enemies, or just use blues and purples to illustrate the abyss of sadness you float around in, you gothic soul you.

close up

Here's a close-up of the wax dots.  Because extreme close-ups are artsy.  Don't tell Todd I said "artsy." He hates that word.  Can you tell I'm feeling sarcastic and snarky?  Must be back to school time.  In fact, I had to write this post and schedule it the weekend before.  Can you guess why?  Because I've been in my classroom trying to set stuff up before it all begins.

I should probably apologize up front now.  I've made a pretty good habit of posting during the week on a regular basis this summer (sometimes on the weekends, too!) but now that school's starting, I may slow to 2-3 times per week.  Maybe less, I don't know.  I can tell you that I'll do my best, and that's all I can do.

So, hope you like my heavy metal melted crayon craft.  Hang it up, put it on your mantel, hang it in the kid's room.  Burn it in effigy.  Take a picture first though and show me, ok?  Thanks.

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