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Going shopping for myself has always been kind of a frustrating task, partly because I am short, and partly because for most of my life I have been on the plus-sized end of the size spectrum.  (For those of you in the "regular" sized world, petite clothing usually means short AND small, not just short - extremely frustrating...)  There was once a short period of time where I fit into so-called "straight" sizes, but right now (since the beebs) I'm definitely in the plus-sized category.

I have always considered making my own clothing, for three reasons: one, it would fit, two, it would be exactly what I wanted, and three, it probably would cost a lot less to make!  I even made some simple sketches while daydreaming about this project.  We have a new sewing teacher at my school this year, and she's told me that she'd help me with some sewing... I think this would be a perfect project to tackle!

I've been searching Pinterest and the otherwebs to find a simple (preferably free) pattern for an A-line shift-style dress that I could make in a variety of fabric patterns.  These would be awesome for work, and it would be really easy to custom fit them by wearing a belt.  I tend to add tights/leggings and a long-sleeve shirt or cardigan over these types of dresses too, so the sleeveless design works well for my wardrobe and sewing experience... which is pretty limited, but I'm optimistic!

fabric inspiration
all fabric images via Pinterest

Anyone ever tackled a project like this before?  Got any helpful hints?

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  1. being curvy and shrimpy myself I FEEL your pain! Those sketches are perfect! You are talented AND have someone to help you....do it! And sell one to me!

    -Lisa aka Petinia1119

    1. Ha! If I ever get around to this, it'd be cool to make and sell them (I considered majoring in fashion design before I chose art teacher), but I worry about how many hours it'll take me to get just one! I'll keep you updated! :)

  2. Oh my! How I would love to have the ability to sew...right now it consists of total frustration and f-bombs. Needless to say, I don't do it so much. I would LOVE to see what you do...the sketches look adorable!

    1. If I actually pull something off, you can be sure I'll tell all about it!


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