Back to School

Back to School
L.K.Bennett fitted top, $135 / Vintage style shirt, $31 / H&M knee length pencil skirt, $47 / L.A.M.B. zebra pumps / Valentino studded jewelry, $240 / Valentino dot jewelry / Harajuku Mini for Target Girls' Hair Barrettes MuLighticolor OSFM

Ugh.  I only have 2 weeks left before I go back to work.  The kids come back in about three weeks.  We have two days of institute on the Thursday/Friday before kids come back, but I'll need to go in Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday to get my room set up.  Even before that, I have to get my supply order in, and it probably won't arrive before the first day of school (you know, when I need it...).  But that's the earliest I'm allowed to order, so oh well.

I thought it would be fun to make a back to school window shopping/fashion daydreaming outfit here.  I'd wear all of this in real life if it came in my size... except for the shoes, which I couldn't really wear all day long.  I'd last maybe 15 minutes.  Maybe.  I was thinking that I should do a post about what it's like to be a girl who loves shoes but is unable to wear anything remotely fashionable/stylish/awesome.  Instead, I wear gym shoes and flat shoes with special insoles.  Argh.

Can you tell I'm not really excited about going back?  Ha ha - I tell the kids all the time "Hey, you think you're excited about summer break?  I think the teachers might be even MORE excited!"  I do love my students.  They're awesome for the most part.  It's all the other junk I gotta deal with that makes it stink.  Ah, but who doesn't loathe their job at least a little, right?  I think it's part of being a human.

Do you have a job that you TRULY truly love?  I'd seriously love to hear about it!  Might make me feel inspired!

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