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Active Link

I've been wearing my Weight Watchers ActiveLink activity monitor for probably about three weeks now, if you count the initial "assessment" phase where you wear it and it just assesses where you're currently at.  Well, I was at ZERO.  I averaged no activity on a daily basis.  Seriously.  It was embarrassing.  So my ActiveLink monitor set a goal for me to earn around 3 points per day (if you are, or have ever been a weight watcher, this makes perfect sense.  If you've never done Weight Watchers, I can try to summarize by saying that a point is a value assigned to food - you get so many points to spend per day on food - and activity can earn you additional points to spend on food if you so choose).

The good news is that since I've started going into work, I can usually hit my target amount of activity with no problem.  It's harder on the weekends, especially when I'm trying to blog and schedule posts and catch up on other blog reading!  I just want to be a vegetable and sit on my butt all day!  Ha ha!

Active Link 2

The ActiveLink works kind of like a Wii controller to sense and record your activity throughout the day.  It's waterproof, too!  So I haven't tried it, but you could wear it swimming if you wanted... I keep my ActiveLink clipped on the inside of my shirt (cough*onmybra*cough) so you never even know that I have it on (unlike those bulky Body Bugg armbands I once considered investing in).  You can also wear it on a necklace around your neck, or keep it in your pocket.  It's pretty nifty and versatile that way.  The ActiveLink is actually a small USB drive (see very top photo) that plugs into your computer and syncs with Weight Watchers online tools which is pretty damn awesome, too.

Here's a shot of what it looks like when you plug in your monitor.  It's your own personal website!  This is an overview of a whole day for me last week, hour by hour:

Active Link Website

Oh!  So I also promised an update... Two weeks ago, I was down 2.8 pounds - woot!  Then last week I was down .4, almost a half a pound!  So two weeks of losses in a row is great news.  I've been making a really conscious effort to just move more.  For example, I put my Diet Coke in the downstairs fridge.  It works in two ways: first, I have to decide if I really want a Diet Coke, or if I should just have water.  Secondly, if I decide that I do indeed want a Diet Coke, I have to trek my butt up and down the flight of stairs to get it.

Tiny changes add up.  I'm worried about the stress of work and how it may make me overeat in the evenings and make me want to snack or drink... But the good news is that during the school year, it's easier to stick to healthier breakfast and lunch choices.  So, I'm aware of these potential pitfalls and I just need to find myself some good coping/de-stressing strategies for those nights after a really rough work day.

Any suggestions?  How do you chill out when you're overly stressed?

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  1. Good for you! Losing weight is hard work, and that little gizmo looks really cool! When I feel like I might need to chew on some food, I go for gum or hard candies - obviously, the gum has less calories, and you get the chewing satisfaction. And to relax...nothing beats taking a bath. If you don't have time for a bath, sniff some lemon essential oil - it will suppress your appetite.

    1. Thanks for the advice! Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! This week has been insane! Will definitely have to keep a stock of gum around... good idea!


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