I'm giving away free ads!!!

Thanks to the cool system I discovered over on Rockin' Mama's blog, I've decided to try out an account on Passionfruit Ads, but since I'm still a baby blogger with a small readership, I'd like to begin by offering FREE ads to fellow bloggers in return for a spot on YOUR blog!


This offer is limited to the first 15 bloggers every month.  You can see that I already have a couple of fun sites over in the left column to visit!  (Full disclosure: Shaking the Invincible is actually my husband's website for his band - I needed to try out the new service and made him an ad spot for this first month...)  Interested? The spots are a nice big size: 215 X 150 (let me know if you need help with this). 

Here's what you gotta do: contact me with info in order to get a Hell Razor badge up on your site (sponsor info link, email, size requirements, etc.).  THEN, you need to go to my advertise page and "buy" the $1 ad.  Be sure to enter promo code HRSWAP to get a 100% discount. Yep, totally free, no credit card needed. The reason I'm using this particular system is that it's all automated!  How cool is that?

p.s. I'm actually sponsoring Rockin' Mama's blog this month, so be sure to check it out!

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