House Tour: Bathroom!

bathroom sign

This post was really fun to create for a number of reasons.  First of all, most people don't think to make a big deal out of the bathroom when you give a house tour.  It's just like "yep, there's the bathroom... anyways let's go over here," but I really love my bathroom.  And I like being a little left-of-center.  Plus, it gave me an excuse to clean it (which is my most hated chore) since I knew I was going to photograph it for all to see.  Thankfully, Todd is an excellent helper and we were able to cross it off of our to-do list without a lot of hassle.  Now I have a nice clean bathroom (love that!) to boot.  Yayy!

bathroom wide shots

Here are a couple of overall shots of the room.  It's really wide and spacious, which is something that I loved about it when we were house shopping.  I actually ripped down a bunch of the wall tile (it went really high up) and there was a giant old ugly wall mirror I took down, too.  The sink and tub are still original (hence the not-quite matching peachy pink).

There are a couple of things most people notice when they first walk into the room.  Number one is the color.  I am so not afraid of color.  In fact, I kind of have a real dislike for plain white walls for the most part.  I knew from the beginning that this room was going to be a vivid red-violet.  I wanted it to feel like a jewelry box when you walked inside.  That was my inspiration for the whole room.

The second thing that people notice is that I have a chandelier in my bathroom!  This is a super easy decorating upgrade that anyone can use in their house.  I used to have this chandelier in our bathroom at our condo, and I loved it so much that it had to come with me.  I swapped out some boring builder-grade thing for it when we sold, and packed this baby away just for me.


I made the chandelier even more prominent by adding a ceiling medallion (relatively easy to find at any home improvement store) and sprayed it black to match the metal of the chandelier.  Once this was installed, I felt like the boringness of the white ceiling was amplified, so I painted the ceiling a purply-gray (it's actually my kitchen color, repurposed) and layered a silver metallic paint over the top, using a dry-brush technique.  Ta-da!  Metallic ceiling that reflects my sparkly chandelier.

patterns and crystals

Since I was going the whole "jewelry box" theme with the room, I knew that I needed some jewels in the form of crystal accents in the room.  I swapped out the horrible original cabinet knobs (they weren't even retro awesome, I suspect they may have been replaced once already) with these crystal glass knobs, seen above left.  They were more expensive than standard brushed nickel knobs, but totally worth it for the effect it gives (and most people don't have as many knobs to replace in a bathroom as, say, a kitchen, right?  So not so bad!).

Another place that I added jewelry was the shower curtain!  These chandelier crystals, which I attached to simple standard metal shower curtain hooks, are actually plastic.  I think you may need to order them online (check a crafty store first, they might have them) - but ours were actually free.  They're the crystal chandelier pieces from our wedding centerpieces!  Our florist (who's a family member) gave us the crystals after the wedding was over, and I love being able to repurpose them in our home.

Also above, you can see our shower curtain (gray and black).  It reminded me of the chandelier and I knew it would go perfectly with my theme, so I spent a little bit more than usual on it.  Mixing low-cost items with a few strategic splurges always seems to pay off.  I believe I found the shower curtain at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I couldn't find it on their website, but boy, do they have a good selection!

Next to the shower curtain is a closeup of the towels I currently have hanging in the bathroom.  I chose this bright turquoise color simply because I knew it would pop in a room otherwise covered in red-violet, black, white, and gray.  I also have towel sets in gray with black scroll borders, black and white polka dots, black and gray stripes... and I'm constantly on the lookout for a purple patterned set that I love!  My favorite place to find fun bath towels is Home Goods.

towels and shelf

If you're a regular reader of my blog, it's no surprise that I like to decorate by using unusual items, or by using ordinary items in a new way.  This black mantle-style shelf used to have a home in our old dining room at our condo, so I repurposed it here in our bathroom.  It's just the right size to hold pretty perfume bottles or a candle (see more about my perfume bottles here).  The wall clock is to help me stay on track in the mornings!

Our other artwork in the bathroom (top right) is made from tattoo stencils that I matted and framed.  They are from actual tattoos that Todd and I have (the top one is mine, from my foot tattoo, and the bottom one is Todd's from the back of his calf).  It used to hang in our workspace/office at the condo, and somehow it looks just right in its new home here!

sink mirrors counter

The last space I have to share with you is the counter and sink space.  I told you that I took down a huge ugly mirror when we first moved in.  I ended up using two mirrors from our old dining room (they had gold frames) and spray-painted the frames black before hanging them side-by-side to create an awesome wall of mirrors.  The heavy intricate black frames match really well with the scrollwork on the chandelier and the shower curtain pattern.

Our sink (which hopefully one day in the future will become a double sink) is still original, and so is our countertop.  I actually really like the countertop pattern, but we'll probably have to replace it when the day comes to get new sinks.  But that's not anytime soon.  I have a few fun accessories around the sink (pictured below), like our soap dispenser (from Target) and our toothbrush cup, which I made on the pottery wheel last year and glazed using purple, black and white just for the bathroom!

Some other unusual accessories/decorations include: Vic the Velociraptor, whom I purchased on Etsy (the humidity seems to be working well for him), and my lego soap, which is from Berwyn Betty.  I use a small plastic silver glitter hors d'oeuvre plate as a soap dish (again, an easy tip for anyone to use in their house).


One last organization tip comes from a variation of a Pinterest idea.  I had seen images of cake stands being used in the kitchen to hold soap and the like, so I thought I'd try out using my gigantic Crate and Barrel server stand to hold junk in the bathroom.  Well, I have a rather large countertop so this idea works out really well for me.  I actually had no place to store this giant stand in the kitchen, and it was collecting dust on top of the fridge - so this was perfect!  It holds my makeup brushes on top, along with other bottles and things.

I use glass science-y beakers in the bathroom to hold things like q-tips, cotton balls, and makeup sponges.  I came up with that idea when I saw them in use at the MAC counter.  Too cool.  I purchased my own via American Science and Surplus.  I also use a small black teacup as a holder for my rings, bobby pins, earrings, and small clips at the end of the day.


Wow.  That was a really long post.  I told you I liked my bathroom.  Who knew I could go on and on about it like that?

So, yeah... do you have a house tour on your blog that I can snoop around on?  Lemme know!

WW Update (for those of you who are curious): I stayed the same this week.  I continued using the same eating/mental habits as last week, and I'm in the "assessment" phase of my Active Link device, so the instructions say to keep to your usual activity levels.  My assessment phase ends today, so I'm going to try to up my movement (maybe start the stationary bike?) and I am hopeful that next weigh-in will be pretty good news!

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  1. What a beautiful bathroom! The colors and patterns are super pretty!

    PS. If by any chance you check out my blog don't forget to enter my giveaway!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Alex! I totally checked out your blog and will follow in return!

  2. I love your bathroom, can I move in? LOL

    Thank you so much for supporting my blog, I'm new at this whole thing so just tried doing yours too...no idea if it went through or not. It seems pretty easy right, but I still don't know much lol.


    1. I love this ad system! Thanks for using it so I could discover it, too! Yep, you're totally up and running! Isn't it awesome? I tested it out first by using my husband's band website as my first "ad" lol. And it works great! Yayy!


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