Couldn't decide what color to paint them.

Two Hands

I used to like to post about my nail polish, but now there's this whole big surge of "nail art" out there. I'm just not "it."  Seriously.  I know I can never compete with that, and I'm not even interested in trying.  I just like to paint my nails fun colors.  It's not fancy, but oh well.

So, I couldn't decide on Monday night what color to paint my nails.  I decided to use four different polishes and do each hand a different polish/overlay combination.  On my left hand, I used purple polish with a small green glitter polish overlay.  On my right hand, I used turquoise polish with a medium purple/silver glitter polish overlay.

I didn't photograph the bottles of polish like I usually do.  Whoops.  Well, none of the polish is new.  The purple polish and purple glitter is OPI and/or OPI for Sephora.  The turquoise polish is China Glaze, and the green glitter is Sinful polish.  I buy the China Glaze/Sinful polishes at Walgreens, but the OPI is from either Sephora or Ulta.

Nails Closeup

Today I am going on a fun day down in the city with Todd.  We're finally going to go out to eat for my birthday... which was in April... um, yeah.  At least it's happening!  I requested Chicago Diner, so hopefully I'll have some fun things to share with you about that soon!

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