June Blog Badge Swap & Giveaways!

Hi!  Amanda over at The Pretty Pinhead had a cool idea I'd like to continue on to the rest of you.  If you'd like to swap blog badges for the month of June, I'll post yours here on the Hell Razor blog if you agree to post mine!

Hell Razor Hell Razor Hell Razor

This is open to Hell Razor blog followers via Google Friend Connect or via Bloglovin'.  The requirement for my sidebar is 215 pixels wide.  So, you could choose to have a square (215 x 215) or make a shorter rectangle (215 x 100, for example, but as long as it's 215 wide that'd be cool).

Email me at hell.razor@me.com and I'll post your badge ASAP.  Just remember to send me your badge size requirements (so I can send you a Hell Razor badge) as well.  And be sure to direct it to www.hellrazorart.com!  And if size is no big deal, feel free to grab the button code on my sidebar at any time and post away!

Another idea... do you do giveaways on your blog?  I don't feel like I'm personally "there" yet on my blog, but I'd be open to sending some Hell Razor goodies your way if you're interested!  Again, just send me an email with the deets and I'll seriously consider your offer.  Tell me about your blog and how you think what I make would fit with your readers.  For your time, I'll send you a little something extra as well!  Yayy!

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